1. Z

    Requirements for foreigners to own property in istanbul

    I am a canadian citizen currently working in dubai. My plan is to buy a property in istanbul in the next few months but had a few questions regarding this: 1) can foreigners/noncitizens/nonresidents own a property in istanbul 2) as a foreigner what restrictions do i have to be aware of when...
  2. S

    Requirements for a prefabricated build in Turkey

    Hi: can anyone give me some succinct answers to what is actually required legally speaking to start and finish a prefabricated build in Mugla on a concrete base. What paperwork is required and some general idea of basic costs please? Our tapu is designated as arsa and we have been granted a...
  3. S

    Requirements for tourist car entry to Turkey

    Hi. I am preparing to leave for a rare 10 week trip by car to Aegean Turkey. I have all usual documents including car reg documents, green card,driving license and international driving permit. Is there anything else I need re the car?
  4. bickern

    Turkey to lift visa requirements for all EU Countries.

    Turkey to lift visa requirements for EU, including Cyprus. Turkey has decided to lift visa requirements for all EU citizens, including Greek Cypriots. The move comes following a report saying that the European Commission will propose the easing of visa requirements for Turkey on Wednesday...
  5. W

    Resident permit renewal requirements

    With regard to paperwork required for residency application renewal, can anyone tell me if paper proof is still required from the Land Regisry Office that one is still living at the address on the TAPU. If yes - is the long winded payment system still in force ie payment via the bank and take...
  6. E

    Permit of stay requirements!

    Dear All, I have bought a flat in Istanbul and have the Tapu in my name, what are the documents required to get the permit of stay in my case knowing that I am already now in Istanbul! Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. staceman

    Turkish Visa situation

    Hi all Can anyone shed any light on the visa situation Can we still get at the airport or do we have to apply online Many thanks Nick :smile:
  8. H

    Marriage documents requirements help !

    Hey guys please help me this is so confusing I am going to be getting married in August but am confused as to what documents I need Obviously passport is 1 Full birth certificate And cni certificate Someone else says I need a affidavit I haven't a clue what that is and where or if I need to get...
  9. J

    New Visa Requirements

    Please forgive me if this is posted elsewhere but i cannot see it Todays Daily Telegraph has a Turkey supplement which announces that Visas will no longer be available on arrival at airports but after April 10 must be booked online or in person before travel. hoping all in Dalyan and...
  10. G

    Another Marriage question - requirements

    Hello everyone, sorry if this is something you frequesntly see but I could really use some help. Basically, I have been with my partner for 2 years and we want to get married. He is Turkish. I have emailed and tried to ring the consulate in London, but cannot get any English speaker, or an...
  11. Philogic

    Residency requirements

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been done but after using the search facility nothing concrete has show up. Is there a list of requirements to apply for a R.P. in the Side/Antalya region? Hopefully something written down in English. It seems some regions have different things that you need. I have my...
  12. M

    residency visa requirements

    Yes I know this subject has been raised before!! I have looked for answer on here BUT... Can you tell me how much is needed in a Turkish Bank when applying for residency? Also is monthly income acceptable i.e. pensions, rent on apartment in uk etc without having to provide a bank account here...
  13. M

    Residency renewal paperwork requirements

    Is anybody able to tell me what paperwork is required to renew a residency permit in Didim? Thanks in advance.
  14. Spike

    Citizenship requirements

    Getting together various documents for the application. Anyone else been asked to have their birth certificates "Apostille" stamped? Also anyone been asked to have their Turkish marriage licence (Aile Cuzdani) "Apostille" stamped by the British Consulate/Embassy - which I think is not...
  15. S

    Re New Visa requirements for Holidays.

    Hi, just returned from a 11 day holiday in Marmaris, but a bit confused as to when i can or cant go back there. I understand the visa says 90 days but then some people say i must go in and out within the first 90 days and stay out for 90 days. The police at dalaman told me no problem as i want...
  16. L

    residents permit requirements in alanya

    Hi everyone. Ive resigned myself to the fact that because of the new 180 day visa rules im going to have to apply for residency permit. Has anyone recently applied for residency permit in Alanya? Can you tell me what you were asked to provide. Every region seems to have different requirements...

    driving licence requirements

    International Driving Permit : International Driving Permit - The AA Read this today and although you can drive on a uk licence for 90 days in Turkey if you have the old style paper licence you should apply for an international driving permit and it is also recommended for photo licence...
  18. Mushtaq

    Residency Permit requirements and Fees 2011

    List of documents required to apply for the permits; Documents required for long-term residency permits 1. 2 x Residency Statement Form (available at Foreigners Division) 2. 4 x passport sized photographs. (Bodrum 6 Photos) 3. Original passport. 4. Photocopy of the passport (photo page, page...
  19. D

    Requirements for Turkish citizens to visit/settle in the UK

    With the various threads floating around about Turkish Visas, residency permits, and reciprical agreements, I thought it would be a good idea to find what's required for Turkish Citizens to visit/work in/settle in the UK. This isn't a thread about reciprical agreements, or who does what, I'm...
  20. val2661

    Ikamet requirements??

    What are the exact requirements for obtaining an Ikamet/Residents Pemit? Do you have to have a Tapu in your own name, or if not, do you have to have a formal rental agreement in your name? If you are in receipt of an English pension, how do you prove this? Will they accept English Bank...
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