1. R

    Gutted Denied Boarding

    Well I thought I had all in Order, and skipped the PCR test, as The UK Gov site tells folks they only need a Double Vax cert now for Turkey entry, I had this printed out, however on Check-in, after a bit of back n forth they put my details .ABZ AMS IST into Travel Doc, and sure enough it came...
  2. S

    Mifi info required

    Has anyone got any info on using mifi. Because Vodafone stopped the roaming in Turkey I will need to buy a mifi or wifi unit. Any info will be appreciated. Costs etc and any thing else that I may need to know.
  3. J

    Painter/ decorator required in didim

    I need the roof terrace & bedroom wall painting
  4. M

    Going back to UK and homes required for two dogs

    Hi We have a friend who at the moment has two dogs, but she now urgently is to return to the UK, she has tried to get them re homed but no luck there. She is now asking for advice. She does not want them to be thrown out on the street.(She took both of them off the street) She thought about...
  5. JBK44

    Hot hot hot, Jacuzzi required

    Hi,we are back out in August and wonder if there is anywhere we could purchase a jacuzzi or plunge pool with a cover in and around Datca. Willing to drive a couple of hours if anyone has and recommendations. We don’t have air conditioning so need some way to cool down. Fans are ok but just tend...
  6. F

    Small & Friendly hotel required

    Hi everyone, I am an expat lving in Fethiye, I am looking for a small friendly hotel in Marmaris or Icemeler for a short break, location is not a priority as I enjoy walking, quiet location would be nice.
  7. G

    car hire for bodrum airport required

    Hi has anyone got recommendations for a reliable car hire company, I need a car to be left at bodrum airport that I can leave there on my return. (driving to akbuk)
  8. N

    Urgent help required required scrapping UK car

    Urgent help required. My UK car blew its turbo or something worse this morning emitting clouds of smoke over the turkish hills. I have decided that I do not want to get it repaired and I would rather scrap it rather than repair it. I think it was a Friday afternoon one and I am sick of...
  9. S

    Kusadasi Customs Office Advice Required

    Just a bit of background, I entered Turkey with my car end of June 2017. And on arrival I was given 3 month Insurance. I have a 2yr residency permit, and am given to understand I am allowed to keep my car here for up to 2 yrs. My questions are, do I simply go to my insurance broker and arrange...
  10. S

    Urgent -Homemade food supply required

    The big girl returns to Ireland this week leaving me abandoned and hungry for next few weeks here in Spain Now our established routine for such occurrences in Turkey was she would make and freeze many dinners prior to her return to the Emerald Isle which she put in plastic boxes in my freezer...
  11. S

    hi help required

    hi sadly i cannot post due to lack of posts i have a property on pyramid complex , 2 bedroomed ground floor apartment bathroom en-suite , all paperwork are in familys hands ready for a sale , i have family who live and work in akbuk , the property is advertised on the site called akbuk news , i...
  12. S

    Geography/History lessons required for UKIP

    Paul Nuttall confuses Australia and Argentina in Falklands blunder -
  13. Freedom 49

    Good High-Chair Required.

    I have a friend living here full-time that has one toddler and a 2nd babe due in a few months. She's asking if anyone that's here around the Side area has a good high-chair that she can buy? If you have one to offer, please PM me and I'll pass on her mobile number so that you can speak to her...
  14. davidmbell

    Is Visa required for day visit from Kos to Turkey?

    I hope Kos isn't a banned word on here, but we're holidaying there in September (after years and years of Turkey, then a few years off, plus Crete in between). Anyway, to get my 'fix' while we're in Kos I hope to come across to Bodrum, scoot over to Turgutries for an hour or so, and back for a...
  15. bickern

    Muslims claim burka is NOT required under Islamic law

    PROMINENT Muslims have welcomed a proposed burka ban in Switzerland and said the full-faced veil is NOT required under Islamic law. The Swiss parliament recently voted to ban the burka, passing the legislation by a minuscule majority of 88 to 87. But a leading religious leader, Imam Mustafa...
  16. S

    Kindle critical updates required by 22nd March

    Hav'nt seen anything on here yet regarding Amazon Kindle updates. I've been informed as many others have that many Kindles have to be updated. This is now a critical update for many of us because we won't be able to use many of them after 22nd March 2016. We won't be able to access the cloud...
  17. A

    Help information required regarding property purchase

    Help information required regarding property i have been trying to purchase in Bodrum area for the last 8 years. My lawyer is Gulay Cagli and i cant seem to get a straight answer with regards to properties at court or matter of ownership. Can someone please help thanks
  18. A

    Dog Sitter required in Fethiye/Dalaman area

    We are looking for a reliable animal lover to look after our 2 house dogs in the Dalaman/Fethiye area. Our eldest dog is a Staffordshire crossbreed 11 years old. Our 2nd dog is a 7 year old Springer Spaniel, both dogs get on well together are affectionate and obedient. They require 2 walks a...
  19. L

    Bike storage required

    Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a secure lockup space for our mountain bikes. at the moment they are cluttering up my apartment. Its getting a bit of an issue so I'm looking for space for two maybe 3 bikes. Happy to pay.
  20. oldfogy

    Computer Backup Program required.

    I was going to continue this on the other thread: But decided to start a new one as the other one was getting a bit on the long side and also diversifying slightly, (yes I'm just as guilty as some) However I now...
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