1. R

    3 Kittens and mummy cat require adoption

    Mummy cat has just had 3 beautiful kittens, 1 black , 1 mottled, 1 tabby. Mummy is a stray cat and needs tlc, the 3 kittens are now 6 weeks old and ready to leave the nest. They are all house trained and used to human contact but need lots of tlc. We will have the mummy spayed and all injections...
  2. suzyq

    Pet ownership will require a certificate in Turkey

    Anybody who wants to have a pet at home will need to undergo training. They will also have to provide suitable accommodation for the welfare of the animal, as well as meeting its ethological needs and care for its health. With the new arrangement, sales of all kinds of pets and animals except...
  3. C

    Long Term Rental require in Fethiye - any help please

    Hi, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I'm moving to Fethiye Boxing Day. But looking for apartment is a mission. I'm trying to find reasonable prices, as everywhere look still so expensive, like summer prices. Ive tried Sahibinden, and and quite a few...
  4. shazyboy

    What size satellite dish do i require?

    A big HI! to all. Is there anyone on this forum using a 1.1m or a 1.2m dish for astra 28.2e degrees in Turkey? If so could you please tell me if you have the following free Asian channels listed on your set which i require. ARY NEWS not (ARY DIGITAL) PTV Global B4U Music I have a dreambox with a...
  5. peterbryant

    documents required to take car out of Turkey

    Can anybody tell if any document apart from a Green-card are required to take a Turkey reg. car out of the country. Thanks Peter:
  6. juco

    Require cheap accomodation in Altinkum

    I am likely to have to stay in Altinkum for 2 or 3 nights end of September and looking for somewhere to stay. Not too bothered about the location but dont want to pay over the odds. Any recommendations. thanks
  7. J

    Does Akbuk Beach require sand??

    Im surprised I dont see post on this site relating to the state of the beach in Akbuk (the Garden resturaunt side) I was out just over 2 weeks ago with friends and went down to the beach and was quite embarrassed at the state of it, it just looked so messy!! this surprises me especially as this...
  8. juco

    Spam and require replies.

    Hi all, time for some fun, I received this spam from Turkey so have decided to take the guy on and see how far he will go. Below is the email and also my reply. I am looking for some ideas to keep this guy busy for the a while. Reply..... I thank you for considering me as a grantee of the...
  9. J

    Do I require my visitors visa to be valid for the duration of my stay?

    I visited Dalaman in April and my visitor's visa is valid for 90 days. It was stamped on entry and exit and I notice it is a multiple visit visa. I am returning in July and the visa will still be valid when I enter Turkey but will have expired a few days before I leave. Do I need to get another...
  10. juco

    Require turkish translation to revoke POA

    I am looking for someone to translate from English to Turkish a document to revoke Power of Attorney for me, as I want to present this when I visit next week. Help appreciated thanks
  11. juco

    require help with translations

    Until I get some basic learning I am hoping someone can do some simple translations for me to help around my home (neighbours are mostly Turkish) I need a gas bottle. How much does it cost? ………………………………….. The water is not working, I need help. ………………………………….. I have friends staying here on...
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