1. P

    Skype contact requests.

    I have been getting lots of unknown contact requests recently,most I would think from dubious sources.Has anyone else been getting these,is there an application to stop them.
  2. J

    Freedom of Information requests

    Just a bit of fun... The top 10 unusual FoI requests received by councils in the past year are: 1 How does the council plan to help the brave soldiers of our infantry if and when Napoleon and his marauding hordes invade the district? (West Devon District Council) 2 What preparations has the...
  3. teosgirl

    prosecutor requests arrest of former police chief

    Prosecutor requests arrest of former Turkish police chief Hanefi Avcý - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review More Islamist conspiracy I'm sure, but isn't it coincidental that he wrote a letter confirming he'd be arrested and detained before it occured? Charlotte
  4. S

    Coming Soon - Any Requests

    hi, I land on the 16th June. Does anybody need anything bringing out or bringing back to the uk?? I have a few bits already for friends but dependant on what it is you need I may be able to help!! And if anyone needs anything going back to the UK, as long as ts not a carpet or anything to...
  5. merlin

    Living in Turkey.... Price Requests....

    Heres a scan of the latest special offers from Migros - just a few prices to give you a feel of the cost of living. Click on the links to see the Scans
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