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    Help re: Turkish visa - confused

    Hi icame turkey to 24 july 2013 left on 17 october 2013 I just came in agian yesterday 1 feb been told im only allowed to stay 16 day I booked come for 3 weeks is this right ? What happen if I dont go after 16 day stay 3 week I dont understand visz rules thankyo anyone can help :) I...
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    EGM info requested.

    Hello to fellow members, I wonder if any one can tell me some answers to below relating to EGM's;- Can a non owner take a proxy vote to the meeting and if so how many proxy's? What options are there if no one can take my proxy vote (because they are already taking others) and I cannot attend...
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    Another marriage question - documents requested by marriage office

    Hi all The marriage office here in Istanbul have requested a translation of my passport and birth certificate along with the other relevant documents. Is this a normality that others have had to do? Does anyone know where I could get such translations and notarisation done? Thanks
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    Updates requested

    Can anyone tell me if there are any progress reports regarding , a) Fast track title deeds- are they still on track for May? b)Ammendment to Law regarding foreign purchases ? Is it still only "a short time" before all will be ok? Thank you
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