1. E

    Foreigner in Mugla request place for worship

    Foreigners living in the Aegean province of Muğla have requested that the authorities build suitable places of worship in order to allow them to better practice their beliefs. The Solidarity with Foreigners Living in Muğla Association is keen on building churches and cemeteries for foreigners...
  2. N

    Second Request

    Dear Friends, I posted this thread some days ago but received no reply!!! please guide, if you can provide me with helpful information. I am going to travel to Istanbul in 27 Jan. My hotel is Avantgarde in Taksim area. 1- I want to know from Taksim how could I go and back (public...
  3. B

    Request to Rent: a 2-3 bedroom property for minimum period Three months

    A friend of mine is coming to Yalikavak at the beginning of September 2014, and requests to rent a 2-3 bedroom property located either near the center of Yalikavak or the center of Bodrum (Turkish rates only please). The rental will be for at least 3 months and the property needs to have an...
  4. B

    Long Term Rental Request

    Friends of mine (Turkish couple) is looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment to rent on long term rental. Must be close to Yalikavak, furnished or unfurnished, please PM me with name of Sitesi, and monthly rental price in TLira (renter to pay electric and water).
  5. Tommie

    The most recent request was denied because it contained an invalid security token.

    I'm sometimes getting this message trying to log onto a site. Tried to login again and no problem. It's just frustrating and I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm doing regular maintenance on the site so there are no viruses. Has anyone any idea as to what's causing the problem?
  6. H

    Information request on Freezones

    Merhaba, In the very early stages of determining a new location for a production facility, with Turkey being one option. Read the general information on the website however, need additional information to put together a general overview before the legwork begins. 1. Need to...
  7. A

    REquest for info - re. RP

    Hi All, Could someone please confirm that if you are on a 90 day tourist visa one can apply on the 89th day of your visa for a RP and the permit date would start on the day of application? Hope this makes sense? M\ny Thanks Antoine
  8. H

    cold water storage tank - request for help

    Hi, I am sick of having no water because my sites pump is stuck or the tank is empty, so I want to place a storage tank on my roof.I will be coming out this month especially to do this job. I reckon that will give me enough water pressure, so my question is; Can anyone please tell me where I...
  9. keny

    information request

    Has anyone joined/used the new modern gym in altinkum.I saw it advertised in the 'Voices' some time ago.What is it like compaired too the English gyms, and can you pay as you go without membership?I would like to use it 2 x a week when I come in May.
  10. Harem

    A Seasonal Request

    A Seasonal Request Now I've tried all the normal approaches All the pick-ups an' chat-ups an' stuff Tried mi hand at so-phistication Wi' some girls who were nowt if not rough I've been seen down the discos an' dances Bought cocktails for them as were broke In mi quest for the perfect...
  11. C

    Turkey Declines Finans Bank Bond request

    This is from the Financial Times. Anybody know what it means? Turkey’s banking regulator has turned down the first request for bond issuance by a commercial bank, and dealt a blow to hopes of rapid development in the country’s stunted corporate fixed-income market. Finansbank, owned by...
  12. R

    Request for copy of Passport from Maintenance company.

    Recently our maintenance company has asked for a copy of our TAPU's to try and get us of builders rates onto the mains for water and electric. This is fine. Now they are asking for a copy of the passports for the names on our TAPUS for the local Police. Is this normal, does any other sites...
  13. pineapple1

    Songs By Special Request !

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread were people can hear songs for different occassions ..Birthdays Annivesarys Your first Dance together etc . But i have a big problem dont know how to do links !!! So my fellow Golden Girl will start it off for me , My 2 favoprite songs are...
  14. L

    Urgent accomodation request

    I am arriving in Fethiye bus station at 0500 tomorrow can anyone suggest a hotel for 4 or 5 hours till i go back to airport really appreciate any help as these plans are just made
  15. Madwife

    Request for Help with a Water Crisis

    It's Monday 1st June, 10.30 pm here in Uk. just after midnight in Akbuk My daughter & her husband have just arrived in our apartment and there is no running water. A friend who went up with a welcome pack earlier today has spent 4 hours trying to get something sorted out. But the outcome is...
  16. irishmatelot

    Last request for driving help :o)

    Merhaba all, I'm all geared up for this Turkish driving malarchy and am so excited about my house hunting! However, I would love someone to help me with the only bit of the driving I'm nervous about...the Oasis roundabout on the way to Gumbet from Bodrum!!! I would be so grateful if anyone felt...
  17. Mary

    New Sub Forum request

    Hi Mushtaq, A big favour please, could we request a new sub forum for Tuzla, Ayder site, some new purchasers and old have requested if this is possible, I know we have a few for Bodrum already, but Tuzla is up and coming and I have said how brill this is (Am I creeping you bet), even if it is...
  18. L

    Request for Information

    Hi All This is my first posting and I am looking for some general advice. My husband Chris and I along with my mum Karen and her partner Ian have an apartment in Alanya. We have been out several times in July and September, but are coming out in March and we were wondering what the weather is...
  19. A

    Zeytin-dali help and advice request

    We are in the process of completing on the purchase of our phase 3 apartment on Zeytin-dali estate with plans to take holiday lets and personal holidays. Already have bookings for this Summer! Can anyone local or living on the complex advise us of anybody interested in cleaning and holding...
  20. R

    Rental Roerty Request

    Hi All, This is Aysegul from Home Service property management. We looking for a 2-3 bedroom properties to rent out at the Altinkum. If any bady interesting to rent out their property please contact with me on the forum. We getting really good rental potencial for long turn and sort turn...
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