1. Camden

    Catholic Church prioritised reputation over the welfare of children

    The Catholic Church prioritised its own reputation over the welfare of vulnerable children for decades, according to a report published on 10 November 2020 by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). The 147 page report finds the Catholic Church's moral purpose has been betrayed...
  2. S

    Reputation system hacked??

    I have noticed over the last few weeks that a few members in particular are rapidly increasing their reputation score to the point where the current top two members members now have almost DOUBLE that of the forums previous top scorer, Shirleyanntr - a turn around that has taken just weeks to...
  3. Squeaky

    Why does the Daily Mail have such a poor reputation?

    Good evening: I have noticed a number of comments which seem to be basically slurs concerning the Daily Mail and have began to wonder what is wrong with the Daily Mail that results in these comments. I don't think I have noticed many here - mainly I hear them when someone mentions having read...
  4. pineapple1

    Reputation - Is it a Horoscope ?

    I just want to ask . ... What is the writeing that appears under the green squares When you pass the curser over them . It looks like some kind of horescope . If so how can you read all of it . You no i'm Simple !
  5. petermcintosh

    Green boxes

    Just noticed, I only have 2 green boxes now, I had 6 or 7 before the upgrade, is it because of this, or have people been putting the boot in ? Cheers Peter
  6. P

    Errors when checking reputation

    When looking at the reputation that people have left, if you want to click on the thread and post to which a particular piece of reputation refers to I get the following error; Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in /global.php on line 337 Warning...
  7. P

    Lost Reputation (green blobs)

    I've just been browsing my 'Reputation' list in the Control Panel (as you do from time to time) and noticed that one of the comments I know was there has now gone! Any ideas whats happened and has anyone else noticed the same? Can people retract their comments and scores once they are made, I...
  8. merlin

    Forum Reputation (Rep) Whats it all about?

    Now some members will have a vague idea of what that little green dot underneath your avatar is for, some don’t, and some are already very into spreading and receiving reputation. I have tried to gather what little information about reputation I could find and explain this forum option as...
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