1. bickern

    Turkish Republic Day

    Republic Day (Turkish: Cumhuriyet Bayramı) is a national holiday in Turkey, always celebrated on 29th October. The afternoon of 28th October is also a holiday. The holiday commemorates the proclamation of the Turkish republic on 29 October 1923. History of Turkish Republic Day Following the...
  2. immac

    Border between NI and Republic

    For all the guff being thrown up over this non-problem, it turns out that the EU has published its own solution which UK accepts (link below). It is called "Smart Border 2.0. Avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland for customs control and the free movement of persons" It is based upon...
  3. S

    Republic Day in Turkey

    Wishing all those in Turkey happy Republic Day.
  4. bickern

    Republic should hold referendum on rejoining United Kingdom

    Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness wants a referendum on a united Ireland. Perhaps instead, the Republic should have a referendum on rejoining the UK dare it be said, given the panic it is now in over Brexit. Britain is out, the Republic feels isolated, alone and adrift on the outskirts of the EU. It...
  5. the bueman

    Republic Of Ireland New Driving Regulations

    Hi All As of the 1st May Accessing or Using a Mobile Phone or Device that requires the Driver to press a key to access the device while driving..... is now an offence punishable in the same way and category as Drink Driving. So if you are detected.......No more roadside fines or...
  6. L

    Republic Day performances

    Hi all It is an important day in Turkey tomorrow, as it is Republic Day. (If you live here, you will already know that the banks etc. are shut...) For all of you Akbukers that are interested, the local schools will be performing dances, songs etc., down at the harbour area from 10am...
  7. bickern

    Republic Day ‘Cumhuriyet Byram’

    Just an heads up. Tuesday 29 October – Republic Day ‘Cumhuriyet Byram’ On 29 October 1923, the Turkish constitution was amended and Turkey became a republic. This formally declared the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Republic Day (Turkish: Cumhuriyet Bayramı) is celebrated throughout Turkey...
  8. val2661

    Travel republic let down

    Has anyone else had problems with a hotel booking with Travel Republic in the Alanya area? We booked our hotel in Avsallar in July 2013 for a two week stay commencing 16th September. On Thursday 5th September, I received an email from Travel Republic stating that their agent in Turkey was...
  9. A

    Censored republic day

    More than 1 million people have gathered in Bagdat street but never shown in the media, AKP municipality stopped ferry journey to Anatolian side for inhibit participation and sometimes power cut
  10. Yildez Datca

    Republic Day today.

    I've just enjoyed a ringside view of the Republic day parade, here in Datca. All our schools were represented, even the little ones, led by an excellent band. The address in Ataturk square was extremely well attended - I think more people than last year? - and the main street was lined with...
  11. Lez Zetli

    Block Republic Day deluge on Facebook

    If you have a lot of Turkish facebook friends you might have noticed that they have switched into frenetic ultra nationalism mode again. They seem to do this every two or three weeks or so for various special days in history and plaster the place with outpourings of undying love for Atatürk...
  12. A

    Travel Republic taxi transfer to Turgutreis

    Hi Everyone, We normally get a private taxi transfer with Bodrum Transfers who are really good but this year they have put their prices up quite steeply (£89 for 4 adults) so I just wondered if anyone has booked through Travel Republic for their private transfer (£71 for 4 adults) to...
  13. B

    Queens visit to Republic of Ireland

    Queen's visit to Ireland a 'game-changer', Prime Minister says - Telegraph It seems that the visit earlier this year by the Queen to Ireland was a success, although there was some dissident reaction, the majority of the population appears to have welcomed the visit. Hopefully some good will...
  14. the bueman

    Turkey's Vision for 2023.... 100 years as a Republic

    Hi All Found this interesting document, not sure if someone has already posted this under another thread. To good not to share. It is Turkey's vision for 2023 when Turkey will celebrate 100 years as a republic. If they do everything on their wish list then we could become the new Spain and...
  15. ZiaCa'

    Republic Day in Turkey - 29th Oct.

    This coming Saturday is a National Bank Holiday as Turkey celebrates Republic Day. Here's some more information. Fethiye | Republic Day 29 October
  16. T

    Work permit for Czech Republic National?

    Czech Republic nationals do not require a visa for Turkey, is it easy for them to get a work permit? Any info would be appreciaited for a friend.
  17. E

    Italian Republic Day

    On Thursday Italy celebrates 150 years of being a Republic and someone I know at the Consul has invited me to the magnificent evening they are going to have this Thursday evening! I've never been to a Consular function and its a privilege to have been invited! They probably know I was Italian in...
  18. RedBloodedHound

    Two Republic Day Celebrations.

    Apropos yesterdays late thread regarding a lack of news on the Republic Day. Turkish leaders attended two separate celebrations. BBC News - Headscarf row mars Turkey's anniversary celebration
  19. D

    Travel Republic Transfers

    Has anyone used the Travel Republic shared shuttle from Antalya airport to Alanya? For me travelling alone £8 sounds like a good price but would it be reliable in November when there might not be that many passengers about?
  20. alison09400

    Travel Republic

    Welcome to Travel Republic - TravelRepublic Has anyone thought of using this website to book accommodation when travelling elsewhere in Turkey? A friend and I are off to Gumbet today to visit a group of our friends who're over from Belfast on wondering where we're going to...
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