1. H

    Is a full system replacement worth it?

    We've had our house and solar water system for 16's started to leak and we have been quoted 2000 lira to replace the hot water tank. In view of the age of the system, we still use the two tank system, would a full replacement be worthwhil from an efficency perspective ? How much more...
  2. S

    Nicotine replacement

    Hi, I'm currently giving up smoking using Nicorette patches and lozenges. Can anyone tell me if they sell nicotine replacements in turkey to assist in giving up cigarettes. Thank you
  3. S

    Replacement door?

    Hiya all, don't know if you can help but looking for a rough price to replace a front door with a upvc one, the prices we were given would double glaze a whole house in Turkey! Thanks Sara
  4. J

    Replacement Turkish Tax Number

    I got a tax number from the tax office in Bodrum 10 years ago when I first bought a property in Turgutreis but I've lost the card they gave me. I need to open a new bank account when I come out next April and I guess I'll need the card for that. How easy is it to get a replacement, are there...
  5. Ian2006

    Hip Replacement Operation

    Our neighbour needs this operation and we wondered if anyone can give us an idea of the current price at a private hospital without SGK - so paying the full price. We have heard at some hospitals they charge for consultants fees and then the medical parts and the in care / after care separately...
  6. E

    Refractive Lens Replacement in Turkey?

    Good day everyone. Just a question for those who may have had experience. I guess its an age thing but my eye sight isn't what it used too be and having gone for a consultation I have an option of eye surgery or more specifically reflective lens replacement. My knowledge of the Turkish health...
  7. captain

    Replacement battery - emergency light

    Can somebody tell me where I can buy a replacement battery for my emergency light? It's a sealed lead-acid, 6v 4.0 AH. I've looked in Beaumax & KocTas but can't find them. Thanks, Doug
  8. M

    Hip replacement surgery in Turkey

    Does anyone know the approxiamate cost of a hip replacement in a turkish hospital? (not a private one) Thanks in advance:)
  9. J

    Replacement Roof - who pays???

    I have a friend who owns a dublex in a block of 8 apartments. There are problems with the roof and it is looking like it will need to be replaced, however, there are arguements re who is responsible for the cost of same - some say it is the dublex owners responsibility as they are at the top...
  10. Firebrand

    Total hip replacement

    Have any of you - or your partners - had one of these?
  11. peter the postie

    Tevez's replacement.. Ronaldo at 400k a week?

    Are the Citeh about to stun United again? .. Personally I think its nonsense but what do you think?? Ron the blue
  12. E

    Laptop stolen, looking for a cheap replacement

    Hi i am in need of a cheap laptop. Someone has stole my 9 year old little girls laptop, she only has it to do her school work and to stay in touch with her old school friend. Me and my husband use ours for work so thats not posible fr her to use ours. I have contacted the police but they dont...
  13. P

    UK Boiler replacement

    I just felt compelled to post this even though it will probably have very little relevance to most people here but if it helps just one person then its worth it. We have just had our boiler system replaced and used a company called 1st Action. I have to say they were excellent, the fitters who...
  14. keny

    tapu replacement

    Can anyone help please?We received our tapu in december 2006.Unfortunately we cannot find the original, although we have copies.What is the proceedure at the deeds office to obtain a replacement?Could I manage with a little Turkish?What information will they ask for?Any idea how much it will...
  15. B

    Replacement Pergola

    Does anyone know the best place to buy and to get someone to fit a UPVC Pergola to replace the one that covered the large flat roof terrace of our home in Akbuk and blew away in a gale? Are they expensive? Thanks.
  16. peter the postie

    Tapu replacement ?

    Oh dear, we arrived to find 3 small electicity bills totalling £16 at our gaff... and the buggers had turned us off because of it. We want to open a bank account and have the bills paid that way but i assume we would need our tapu, i cant find it:( Does anybody know the ins and outs of getting...
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