1. J

    Roller shutter repairs

    Does anybody know of a shutter repair company in didim.
  2. A

    Wheel Chair Repairs

    Any one know where we could get a wheel chair repaired or possible spares. A friend lent my wife a light wheel chair and a plastic fitting broke on the second time of using it so would like to get a replacement plastic fitting if possible. Perhaps there is somewhere in Marmaris that sells or...
  3. A

    In Side or Manavgat - Samsung Repairs?

    Are there any shop that does repairs on Samsungs? In Side or Manavgat, Antalya and Alanya too. It is for an S7 Edge which has an issue with the display due to broken glass. The cost of a display and glass change in Sweden is about 300 euro! Thank you to anybody who can answer this query...
  4. R

    Computer Repairs in Fethiye

    Goodness, I am having a wee run of bad luck. Spilled some wine on macbook air keyboard. Of course, it is no longer working! Any suggestions on who where to take it to have it detoxed? Rosaline
  5. OWENA

    Repairs at Arinna2

    We, and 4 other owners’ at Arinna Sitesi in Gundogan, have recently had our apartment interiors completely repaired by BPPM, Yalikavak. We are very pleased with the work that has been done. All through the process, Alex kept us informed daily with emails, texts and loads of photographs of work...
  6. N

    Clock Repairs in Marmaris?

    Does anyone know of a clock repair/service shop in Marmaris. I have a old large wall clock that is in need of a service and so would be very grateful for any positive replies.
  7. A

    Re Hi Newby on Here roof repairs

    Hi to you all, My name is Adrian, new comer on here. I have a villa in Akbuk,Gok Deniz Site, have had one there for 7 years now.Im looking for a reliable workman to do my roof repairs as I have had really bad leak in the top two bedrooms.As this villa is my summer home,it dosnt get used as much...
  8. gally

    Laptop Repairs

    Hello Does anybody know of a good reliable computer shop in Manavgat where I can get new hinges fitted to my HP Laptop. Many thanks for any advice.
  9. D

    washing machine repairs

    Does anyone have the contact no for a reliable non rip off engineer that could repair my washing machine please? I think the pump is either blocked or needs replacing as the water isn't fully draining so it can't spin (I've checked the filter and there was nothing in it)
  10. D

    Cleaning Services/Occasional Repairs

    Hi All I have an apartment in the Konacik/Gumbet area and was wondering whether someone on the forum would be able to recommend a reliable competitively priced cleaning company for arrival/departure cleaning for short term lets on my property. Someone who could do the occasional small repair...
  11. beyazbayan

    Turk Telecom Repairs

    There has been no service to parts of Sekerhane Mah since Saturday night due to Turk Telekom repairs and improvements. Your phone will not work but anyone ringing you gets the ringing tone - now that's what İ call helpful. Their advice is don't worry it will only be a few days.
  12. J

    Optician in Alanya who repairs frames

    Some fool, me, sat on my specs and I have now to wear my computer glasses everywhere. Hoping someone knows of a repairing optician in or around Alanya, not a 'designer' boutique where I can have them fixed.
  13. B

    Computer repairs in Altinkum

    Just got back from my computer repair man (god knows what went wrong this time something to do with the free spyware) anyway as usual great service, good price, and we always have a laugh!! so I thought I would give him a plug as he always has given me good service his name is Oner Celik the...
  14. N

    Repairs to Gym equipment

    Hi Alan Would it be possible for you to check that the multi-exerciser and sauna electric heater have been repaired in the Gym. Utku promised us in October of last year that they would be repaired. Keep up the good work, one suggestion for the shop are gas bottles as they are vey heavy...
  15. A89

    Camera repairs in Alanya

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Alanya that repairs cameras? My cat has knocked mine onto the floor,the battery compartment has broken and the batteries keep popping out, wondered if its possible to get it fixed anywhere rather than having to buy another.
  16. F

    Computer repairs

    :robot: Had the missfortune of my laptop fan stop working a couple of days ago result overheat and pop everything dead its a Acer aspire anyway a friend recommended a small repair shop next to Casper computers in Bodrum so took it in and next day got a phon e call to say it was ready to collect...
  17. A

    scooter repairs

    i am over in akbuk next week and will need someone to come to the house to start the scooter and service it and anyone please help with this.
  18. J

    Air Con Repairs

    Hi Everybody, I wonder if anyone may help, we have a large Arcelik AC in our living/kitchen area and it is broken. It only gives out hot air. Does anyone know of a good repair man or do we go back to the shop we bought it (3 years old). All ideas welcome. By the way our villa is in...
  19. I

    Bodrum home management and repairs recoo

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good property management company or handyman/ repairs person ? My parents have a home in Bodrum that is in need of some work and repairs and a recommendation would be great. Thanks in advance Isla
  20. H

    Aircon Repairs

    Can anyone suggest a company in the Yalikavak area capable of repairing our Electra (Chinese I think) airconditioning units. We have 5 in total, none of which have worked since a power surge apparently wrecked our electrical meter whilst we were back in the UK. This required a replacement...
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