1. Manxman

    Washing machine repair

    Do Akbuk members know of anyone who can repair a washing machine? I did get the Siemens agents out, but they want 1000 Turkish lira. Thank you Jeff

    Roofing repair.

    Would any members in the BODRUM area be able to recommend someone to either repair or refurbish a flat roof on Sleepys house. SLEEPY is getting wet ! Thanks in advance.
  3. C

    Washing Machine Repair

    Happy New Year to Everyone Can anyone recommend someone to repair my washing machine in the Yalikavak area. It won't pump the water out. Thank you.
  4. O

    I phone 5 repair

    Hi all, I'm travelling to bodrum this week and need to get a replacement screen for my phone....does anyone know somewhere that will do it and a rough cost? It's a 5c Cheers
  5. A

    Turkish Condominium Law - Roof repair

    Hello. I am sure that under Condominium Law that all owners in a block are responsible for roof repairs not just those on the top level. Can anyone give information on this. I am on base level but am willing to pay my share but need confirmation for others. Thanks in advance,Derek.
  6. R

    Repair and Auto paint shops in Izmir?

    Need to some small repairs to my in laws car. Also they would like to get the paint touched up or repainted. Its a Tofas so is not an expensive car but it is sentimental to them. Prefer places near Balcova. Thanks.
  7. N

    i phone repair

    any i phone repair shops in altinkum
  8. Fuzzy

    " Elna " sewing machine repair

    Could anybody help me with repair and servicing of my Elna sewing machine ? l know i posted this a year ago and i used a tailor in Yalikavak to mend it, but never again !.... and here i am in the same position again !! l really need an experienced repair guy somewhere in the Bodrum area, would...
  9. T

    Tendon repair for an Uzbek girl

    Hello everyone. My best childhood friend's daughter requires a shoulder tendon transplantation surgery. They live in Uzbekistan where it's not possible to perform it safely. Someone recommended Turkish surgeons and the family got a quote of $13000 from Acibadem clinic in Istanbul. Is this a...
  10. lintel

    Roof repair needed in Altinkum

    I need a good roof person to put felt on my villa as I have a small leek due to the roof being tiled and tiles moved , would appreciate any phone numbers thanks x
  11. M

    TV Repair Man

    Anyone know an honest and reliable TV repair man in Altinkum. TV is a modern Toshiba slim line type?
  12. L

    IPod touch screen repair

    Help ! I have one inconsolable 7 year old who through no fault of his own has a smashed iPod touch screen. Is there anywhere in bodrum that does iPhone screen replacement ?
  13. sunshine

    Laptop repair

    Hi my Laptop keeps overheating and needs a new fan, I only get a half hours use from it before I have to turn it off. I fly out on Saturday and need to use it there, are there any reccommended pc repair shops in Didim or shall I wait till I return to the UK. Thanks
  14. Justin

    Dishwasher repair man

    We have just came back to Turkey and tried our dishwasher (Altus), it's not been used since August/September and the LEDs are lighting but it makes a clunk noise and nothing happens. when I open the door there is a layer of water in the bottom of it. I think it's about 2-3 years old but cannot...
  15. Yogi

    Washing Machine Repair

    After a recent visit to Akbuk our washing machine decided to give up the ghost. It was the last day of our visit and was a Sunday so we couldn't get it sorted before we left so will have to get it looked at when we return. Can anyone recommend a good washing machine repair man in Akbuk?
  16. A

    scooter repair

    hi can any body tell me where i can get my scooter repaired in didim a wild bore ran into me ,so it needs repairing a bit now thx ....:boohoo:
  17. abba

    computer repair bodrum centre

    My search for the above has not provided results. Does anyone know of a reliable individual who can help restore a windows xp system.
  18. SHAWY

    Watch repair.

    Hy,can anyone point me in the right direction of a good reliable honest watch repairer (designer watch).Akbuk,Didim,Altinkum or Bodrum, Thanks. shawy.
  19. A89

    Windows 7 repair

    After having a lot of problems with installing updates and windows live Ive been advised to use the windows 7 disk to 'repair' some corruption in my files. I have been told when I put the disk in it will give 2 options, Repair or Install. However the options Im getting are 'check compatability...
  20. tomc1984

    Puncture repair

    Anyone know where you get a puncture repaired in Yalikavak and roughly the cost? Last day here and got a nail in the tyre.
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