1. gam101

    Residency Permit: self-application or thru a Rep.

    Ola folks! Question please; I noticed most members have discussed applying for residency permits through self-application, instead of a legal representative like an agency. Are there any pros. & cons. to either? Here are the figures I received for a residency permit from an agency for their...
  2. gerald

    Alanya - Resort Rep required

    Just noticed this ad was put up the other day, I know nothing about it and am just spreading the word in case it is of interest to anybody. Salary: 400.00 Pounds / Monthly Location: Alanya, Turkey Type: Full-Time Alanya - Resort Rep required 03.29.12 April/May start Duties: Airport and...
  3. P

    Rep Points (again?)

    I love the rep points thing yep, the thanks button is quite good for the odd visible sign acknowledging a good post (its just a shame you cant put a "sarcastic" sign to show that it was a daft one!!). Still cant have everything Now, as for the rep points! sometimes I spread them round like...
  4. luckycat68

    Bad Rep points

    Can any one tell me how to find out WHO has given bad rep points ( red dot ) -- Or can you never find out ?? Thanks
  5. zuberdust

    why am i the only person to have neg rep...

    not fair....:33::19::frown:
  6. rosal

    Rep Tours

    Help! Has anyone got the telephone number for rep tours. We are arranging our transfers with them and I have tried to email them, but their mail box is full and we need to confirm our arrival details with them.
  7. merlin

    Forum Reputation (Rep) Whats it all about?

    Now some members will have a vague idea of what that little green dot underneath your avatar is for, some don’t, and some are already very into spreading and receiving reputation. I have tried to gather what little information about reputation I could find and explain this forum option as...
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