1. S

    Does Turks know the difference between studio and Apartment

    I am looking for a studio in Istanbul or Ankara, I wasted my time searching for a studio but all I am seeing are apartments and not studios. Why ?
  2. M

    Tenant's rights in Turkey

    We've been renting our house from our next door neighbours for 10 years .In December their daughter told us we have until March to find somewhere else to live .We are looking but with my husband working 5/6 days a week and curfews at the weekend its proving difficult and I can only look online...
  3. L

    Renting in Dalyan

    Can anyone tell me the cost of a rental in dalyan or does anyone have a property to rent
  4. gam101

    Renting an apartment

    Ola folks! Hope things are well in your part of the globe. ;) Well, looks like our number's finally up for the Turkey leap! :lever: I appreciate all the help I've received here from everyone over the past year or so, relative to our move. My current concern is renting. We are expecting to...
  5. B

    Buying or renting all in Lira
  6. ScoobyZ

    Worth Renting Out?

    Hi, quite new to the forums but have been researching Turkey for quite a while. I'm just in the process of buying a 3 bed 3 bath in Dalyan. I'm just deciding the pros and con to decide if its worth renting it out. I have some estimated cost already: On top of normal bills to rent: Guest...
  7. suzyq

    New Law - Renting to students

    Not sure if anyone on the forum rents to students, but if you do this is the new law. Two students will no longer be able to stay in the same room, in line with the Education Ministry’s new regulation regarding dormitories, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on July 23. The reason for the new...
  8. H


    hi is it easy to rent longterm in Turgutreis with 2 small dogs thanks in advance
  9. M

    New Rental Regulations in Turkey

    I wonder if anyone has any information regarding the new rental regulations. I am led to believe a non Turkish citizen has to set up ltd company to rent their house and be termed a pension. this seems to incur large fees etc ?
  10. N

    Renting in Istanbul

    Hi everyone I am looking to rent a four bedroom house in Istanbul for two weeks in march. Preferably around sultan ahmet area. Any advice or suggestions will be most welcome
  11. R

    Renting a room - rental agreement

    Hello I have been a member of this forum for a long time and have gained a lot of information, now I am retired and have the chance to come and live in Turkey. I have a friend who is willing to rent me a room in their home but to obtain a 1 year residence permit I need a rental agreement...
  12. TurkInDenmark

    Renting appartments in Turkey?

    I have a question. How is the rental situation in Turkey? Are there alot of empty appartments, so you can find something as soon as you arive in Turkey? I live in Denmark where it's impossible to find anything anywhere, and I'm planing a move to Turkey after new year, so I'd like to know how...
  13. W

    Renting dongles

    Anyone know where you can rent one in Dalyan?Got quoted £30 from 1 place who will only do it for a week at a time.However we have guests staying at our place who only wanted one for 4 days but have had to pay for a full week..Just wondered if anyone does it for less or charge by the day..Thanks.
  14. A89

    Ikamet address change if renting.

    I went to the Nufus office yesterday with a friend who needed to change the address in her Ikamet. We were told in order to do that it is now compulsory to have a rental contract that has been notarised. Alison
  15. D

    site's for renting apartments

    Hi Do any of you know of a any web sites that rent apartments out long term all year round from owners not emlaks!! Any information would be helpful Thanks
  16. S

    renting advice required

    Hi folks How much should I budget in monthly rent (12m extendable) for a 3-bed, 2 reception house (proper house, not flat)? Must have super-fast broadband available in the area. Reason for more space: one quiet room (not bedroom) for 3 desks and computers, large fax/copier/printer, etc...
  17. Dreamy

    Renting a flat with pets?

    I have heard that it sometimes is a little difficult to rent a home in Turkey if you are a foreigner? If so - what is your experience? I am thinking back and forth about renting or buying.. but think that maybe renting would be the best in the first place, to see how it feels. But, the...
  18. tykatem

    New Regulations for renting your Turkish property

    A new regulation (set to be introduced) by the Minister of Tourism & Minister of Internal affairs will see tighter controls for homeowners wishing to rent out their Turkish properties to holidaymakers. YellAli has received the following information from the Ministry of Tourism and although...
  19. A

    renting a restaurant in marmaris Turkey

    need some help... if i found a restaurant in marmaris to rent could anybody tell me how i would go about getting it up and running like what paperwork would i need? And rough costs of how much deposits and rent would be? Suppliers and rough costs of buying supplies? As soon as its up and running...
  20. J

    Renting a Car vs Figuring out a Taxi???

    I wonder what is a cheaper option for the route: Bodrum-Akyarlar-Turgutreis-Gumusluk-Yalikavak-Gundogan-Turkbuku-Torba-Bodrum a) Rent a car b) Negotiate a tour with a taxi driver What do you guys think? Of course its always a bit relative of how you negotiate, but the car rentals go about 60...
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