1. Devil's_Advocate

    Important: Short Term Rentals

    I have just come accross this very important article in the Fethiye Times- new legislation for short term rentals: "If you rent out your Turkish holiday home or investment property via Airbnb, a holiday letting agent or via your own website, even to friends and family, you need to be aware of...
  2. R

    Istanbul room rentals

    Hello, I live in Istanbul and travel a lot. I live in a two bedroom apartment and only use one bedroom so one bedroom (sleeps two) is available. So if you need a room for a couple of nights, a week or so, or even longer, please let me know. The apartment is very centrally located. It is not...
  3. C

    Holiday Rentals yalikavak

    Does anyone have an apartment/house to rent in Yalikavak or Gokcebel from 1 - 15 August. It's for 2 adults and 3 children aged 6, 4 and 18 months. Or Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Ivbin Dunne

    Rentals and Bookings

    Hello to all, I am just curious as to how renters are finding their bookings for this coming season. Normally i would be fairly well sorted but so far this year i only have 1 booking. Are more of you in the same situation?
  5. K

    long term rentals?

    Hi everyone! Just new here and looking for a bit of advice. I've worked in Bodrum for the past 2 summer seasons but this season I will be working in Alanya, Pegasos Royal Resort. Myself and my boyfriend, who is turkish, are looking to rent an apartment from roughly the end of June to mid/end...
  6. J

    Spain rentals

    thinking of going to Spain for a couple of months in October, are there any members on here that have property they rent out, any location. Many thanks jan :yipee:
  7. M

    Tax on property rental income in Turkey?

    Hi, can anyone advise me on the tax you pay on renting out an apartment please. We have just rented ours out for and have only had one full week, a 4 day let, a 3 day let and a 1 night stay but have had £110 deducted from the payments due to tax, does this sound right? By the time the cleaning...
  8. A

    Good websites to advertise properties for holiday rentals?

    Can anyone recommend good websites to capture the English, German, Scandinavian etc. tourist to rent apartments/villas? Would like to advertise on a number of sites to engage with as many countries/guest as possible.
  9. L

    Rentals in Dolphin Square Area

    hi everyone ive been to tinky twice now and last year we stayed in the royal apartments in dolphin square,just wanted to know what other apartments where available nearby. Thanks Guys :)
  10. scotssteve

    Altinkum/didm rentals

    Morning folks, Obviously too many people reading TLF as we have been inundated with requests over the last ten days for long term rentals If anyone has an un-used property; furnished or not; and wants to rent it out can you please PM me many thanks Steve
  11. M

    Long Term Rentals Fethiye

    Hi, Im looking for a Long Term Rental in Fethiye, furnished if at all possible. Me and my boyfriend are both working in Fethiye and need a place to stay from as soon as possible until around November. If there are any private seller websites anyone knows about please let me know. We would rather...
  12. C

    rentals fethiye area

    land of lights website is good for finding rentals and property sales
  13. C


    Our appartments now all sorted just need August to come so we can get over and make it more ours, So after then we will be looking for renters, our place is very near east beech close to corner bar and if anybodys intrested let us know Thanks
  14. D

    Long term rentals

    Last year we came 4 times to Bodrum, found a lovely apartment in Bitez for a long term rent but eventually left due to many problems with the apartment. We do not want to buy at this time. Can anyone suggest people or "good" agents for 6-12 months rental. Thanks
  15. T

    Holiday rentals

    Does anyone know how to contact holiday rentals for advertising on this site. I cant get past the registartation doc and their email is bouncing back?
  16. S

    Crescent Holiday Rentals

    Hi I am looking for the owner or moderator for crescent holiday rentals i have seen a few apartments but when i email it bounces back! Splash X
  17. Phil Johns

    Rentals with dogs?

    Anybody in Didim do you, or do you know anyone with an furnished prefer 3 bed but 2 is ok apartment to let in the Car4, Migros areas of Altinkum? They have 2 staffy dogs that are well behaved who must wait 3 months for paperwork before I can take them to the UK. but the apartment will still be...
  18. T

    mobility scooter rentals Bodrum

    I note that the last time an enquiry about scooter rental was 2 years ago,and I wondered if there had been any change currently,as I am coming to Gumbet in May,and will need a scooter,as I am Disabled.I have had a quote from"Mobility Turkey" at a whopping £400 for 9 days(they have to deliver...
  19. C

    Stopping Rentals on a Shared Site

    We own a detached villa on a site of 50 properties and have rented out the property (mainly during the summer months) along with many other European owners at times when it is not in use by ourselves. At a recent AGM there were moves to stop owners renting out their properties and also banning...
  20. U


    hi need to know if there are any apartments available near newport or on blue marina between 20th to 30th july have friends coming over and want to be nearby .two adults ,one child if so prices please thankyou all
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