1. Kedi Yavrusu

    Registering Rental Property

    We would like to rent out our property Bu I don't know how we go about registering it. How do we do this? and how do we pay tax on rental property? What percentage tax do we have to pay? We are new to this so thanks for any help to get us started. I would like to get everything sorted now...
  2. A

    Kira Sozlesmesi rental contract in English?

    Going to rent out my property long term and would like a copy of the rental contract, Kira Sozlesmesi translated into English. I understand the renter needs this contract so they can put the utilities in thier name and be responsible for the payments. Also will be needed when declaring the...
  3. B

    Rental wanted from 27th March 2020 for 2/3 weeks

    Hi There I'm looking for accommodation to rent for at least a couple of weeks whilst I apply for residency and also look for more permanent accommodation. The accomaodation would need to be dog friendly ( I have a 5 year old cocker spaniel ) I arrive in Turkey from the 27th March. Any help would...
  4. M


    Hi,I was wondering if anyone knew of a nice villa/apartment to hire in the Kalkan area?It must be clean and a bonus would be a pool.We have been to Kalkan before and would like to return again.The dates would be either May/June or October..for around three weeks..appreciate any help or...
  5. M

    12 month rental (atleast)

    Hi , we are looking for a 3bed property to rent for aleast 12 months starting next year (2020), Any information would be gratefully received . Thank you in advance .
  6. K

    Villa or Apartment Long Term Rental

    Hello everyone my wife and I are currently renting until April 2020. In the run up to our rental ending we would like to find a long term rental with a pool. Either a villa (min 3+2) or a large apartment. Our preferred areas are Calis, Foca and Akarca although we would consider most places...
  7. C

    5-month rental apartment/studio

    Hi all, I just started a seasonal job in a resort in Bodrum and would like to find a studio/one bedroom apartment (now until end of october). There are mostly short-term rentals online posted in English, so would be great if someone could recommend where to search or a real estate agent...
  8. A

    Winter Rental Advice

    Hi I am considering a move to Dalyan from the UK. Initially I am thinking to rent somewhere for 6 months over the winter (October to March/April) to get the experience of the town at that time having been there frequently in summer I would be looking for a 2 bed apartment or small villa and...
  9. C

    6 month rental

    Looking to rent a place in Side for 6 months - where's the best place to source different options? Thanks guys :)
  10. S

    May/June apartment rental wanted

    Hi we are thinking about renting a 2 bedroom apartment in the months of May/June and also September/October. Not really sure which area we would like but would like some idea of what it would cost for these months and what it would include . We would like to be not too far from beach/shops and...
  11. K

    Long Term rental

    Hi Everyone My wife and I are looking for a long term rental while we explore the region for a permanent home. Rental would be initially for a 3 month period or longer if needs be. We would prefer a villa property with a private pool, well furnished with a decent kitchen. We would also...
  12. B

    Wanted: Rental Property

    2 or 3 bed unfurnished property wanted for long term rent. The property must be close to the centre of Yalikavak, and in good condition. Please PM with: Sitesi name Monthly rental (TL) for 6 month period Monthly rental (TL) for 12 month period Monthly rental (TL) for 24 month period Current...
  13. L

    Looking for rental in sarigerme 2019

    Hi there, I am looking to rent a place in sarigerme for one maybe two months next year 2019 depending on the price. Can anyone help me Iā€™m unsure on where to look, when I try google it just comes up with hotels costing loads. Would be very great full for any help šŸ˜šŸ˜ Thank you Xx
  14. L

    Massage and car rental in Yalikavak

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. It is the end of the season and many places are closed but I am looking for a massage place to treat my birthday friend. Do you know a place in Yalikavak or Gumusluk area? A massage and a facial would be great. Also, we need to rent a car four 4 days, if you...
  15. M

    3 bed duplex - Long Term Rental

    From end July we have a 3 bed, 2 bathrooms, separate kitchen, large balconies for Long Term Rental on Yasmin Gardens in Akbuk. Agent will be Akbuk Solutions if anyones interested. xx mo
  16. suecheshireuk

    Looking for rental properties near and around Fethiye or Calis.

    Well, it actually looks as though we may finally be on our way back, fingers crossed. We will be coming over within the next couple of weeks to look for somewhere to live, so if anyone can offer any help on this we would be really grateful. We need at least 3 bedrooms, pool not important, not...
  17. S

    New Turkish Short Term Rental to Friends

    I never rent out my semi villa but a close friend has asked if her son and 2 children can stay in my apartment as her place will be full with her other grandchildren. This is a no charge arrangement but I hear that I still have to register as a business ! Is this correct even although it is a...
  18. V

    WANTED - Long Term Rental

    I am looking for a 3-4 bedroom apartment or villa near the marina in Kusadasi. Ideally unfurnished but would consider furnished, 12 months contract, ready to move now!! Any suggestions/offers?!
  19. M

    Holiday rental

    Hi all,I'm looking for a holiday rental from 31st may until 20th June (20 days)2018 in the Tuzla ,Gulluk area.Pool etc would be nice...retired couple..
  20. M

    Short-term rental rules 2018

    Does any know if there have there been any change to Turksih short-term rental regulations from last year (2017)? Last year the rules were that: 1 Short term rentals could only be through a Turkish company (massive pain in the neck as Turkish companies are very expensive to operate). 2...
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