1. F

    Old town renovation?

    l heard some rumors that the old town in Side is being renovated. Anyone in Side now who can confirm this? Thanks
  2. D


    who have experience with the company from Hasan Gök ?
  3. S

    Good standard renovation company needed in Alanya

    Dear LivingInTurkey members, I've been in Alanya for a couple of years now, and recently had my apartment painted, but the work was so bad that it need to be redone. There's paint on the floor, and wall colour on the ceiling. I need someone to clean the mess from the last painters, and finish...
  4. J

    £25,000 renovation villa nr Tuzla

    I thought I'd better post this in the correct thread - cheers, Jim. Here are some pictures. It is on the Basko site on the backside of sunset café. I want an absolute minimum of £25,000 sterling, for this restoration project. Tapu in hand, no debts - ready to sell as is. I am in country...
  5. J

    Amyone looking for a Renovation Project?

    Three Bed semi on the Basko site. I will be over mid-May and available to show to interested parties. Basically a shell but wired and plumbed but can be made liveable for £5-6,000. I shall post photo's once in country. Will consider any reasonable offer - Tapu in hand. Jim.
  6. edeller

    House Renovation Derekoy Bodrum

    Ive bought another house, tired of complex living Ive invested in a village property which better suits the length of time I spend in Turkey and that fact that Im there on and off all year round. Although the building itself is sound, there is much work to be done and as usual you do one thing...
  7. S

    Golf Villa Sarigerme (renovation project)

    This villa is situated on a complex adjacent to Sarigerme golf course (when operational it will significantly increase in value, with year round income potential), although it is currently in need of renovation, (I have had quotes of £10,000 & upwards, depending on the quality of...
  8. H

    Building regulations on renovation projects

    Hi, Can anyone help me please. We are currently purchasing a property in the Manavgat area of Antalya which needs to be completely renovated. Can anyone tell me where I might look for any building regulations that are applicable. I want to make sure that the renovations which are being...
  9. M


    We are renovating a village property near to Kusadasi and would like some impartial advice about some prices that have been quoted to us. Firstly they are replacing an old septic tankwith a new one 2.3m x2.3mx2m holidng 10 ton and have quoted 2900 YTL. Secondly, solar panels we have been told...
  10. P

    Renovation and building

    Are many people doing full renovations of old properties or selfbuilding? We are looking for a Stone built building with land to renovate. Just wondered if there is many around who are doing the same or buiding with stone? If there is would it be worth having a building/renovation section...
  11. cleeker

    Renovation of a Shell.

  12. D

    Property Renovation

    We have brought a propety at Milkum in Side. Can anyone recommend property renovation people in the area?
  13. P

    My renovation project in progression

    Thought you might be interested in my renovation project as many properties in Akbuk are in dire need of similar work. I bought my property in January '05 and as you can see it looked a bit rough around the edges. I wasn't planning on buying in Akbuk but the price and location next to the...
  14. P

    meya sitesi renovation programme near guvercinlik

    i wandered if anybody knew anything about this renovation called meya villas near guvercinlik , bodrum . its a cooperative being wound up with three bedroom detached villas including new furniture being modernised and sold for £45k also with communal facilities . they are being renovated and...
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