1. T

    ikametgah for renewing rp

    Hi, In my home rent contract my name and my wife's name are writtedn. I went to nufus dairesi in order to obtain ikametgah (adres kayit belgesi) They gave me and there is no problem. Now, if my wife want to get it in order to renew her rp I should go with her to the nufus or she just requires...
  2. H

    renewing ikamet on line

    Hahaha! total computer cock up!! I obtained a new ikamet valid for nine months from 9/04/15 to 9/01/16. I arrived in Turkey on an e-visa on 25/03/15 and then applied for the ikamet and had no problems in obtaining it - went very smoothly. I left Turkey for the UK on 13/07/15 and am returning...
  3. jandj

    Renewing RP in Izmir

    Can anyone please advise me how to book an appointment at the police station in Konak in order for me to renew my RP. Thanks for any help.
  4. D

    Renewing Dask Insurance from UK

    Is there a way to get earthquake insurance in the uk? Mine needs renewal but can't find it think it was axa?
  5. C

    Renewing Ikamet

    Hi All, a friend of mine is due to renew her ikamet (mines not till June things could change by then) in Alanya has anybody done this lately??? she is over 65 so I believe she won't need health insurance, what documents does she need,??? she rents her apartment any advice greatly received...
  6. K

    Being Passport less in Turkey? Renewing passport whilst on Tourist Visa!!

    Does anyone have any knowledge or advice on this. I have somewhere to stay for a few months in Turkey over Nov & Dec and i was planing to use this time to renew my UK red passport from abroad instead of returning to the UK. The application requires you to send your current Passport with it and...
  7. shirleyanntr

    New RP rules and Health insurance

    A friend of mine went to get his RP on Monday under the new rules...his previous RP was 5 years but he could only renew for a year since he hasnt been here more than 8 years He's in his 50s and hasnt health insurance He had to pay 50 lira for the RP card for one year and under a 100 lira tax...
  8. D

    Renewing Residency Permit

    Just to let those who are interested know I successfully renewed my residency permit in Didim today. As I was renewing for just the second time i.e. after having permit for just one year I was restricted to 3 years and not 5 years as I requested. The guy who was in the office said 5 years next...
  9. S

    Renewing residency.

    Hi my daughters residency which she has had for 3 years runs out in June. When I did it with as she was under 18 we used my bank details to do it, because of her age. She is now married to a Turkish guy, so when she comes to renew. How many months bank statements would they want to see of her...
  10. D

    Renewing My Residence Permit

    Can someone help me i need renew my residence permit as runs out in 6 days time not sure what i need and what i need to again please if anyone could help me with an info would be a great help :) Thanks :)
  11. P

    renewing residency permit

    Hi folks can I pick your brains. I renewed my residency at kusadasi last April but was told as an Irish citizen I could only have one year. Have since heard that if I do it at aydin I can have 5 years as long as my passport is valid . Anyone had any experience of this. Thanks
  12. B

    Renewing Residence Permit

    Hi All, Will some one please advise me on the procedings for renewing a residence permit. What do I have to take to the department apart from the blue book. Is it possible to get a renewal prior to the expired date? Has any one been able to renew from the consulate in England. Thank you to...
  13. C

    Renewing residence permit

    Seskin is the policeman responsible for yabanci R/P's in Koycegiz. What a pain in the butt, 2 yrs ago went to Seskin handed over Kimlik and 2 copies of Passports and 6 photographs, went to Tax Office to pay the fee, total time 1 hour. Yesterday, took the above to Seskin and no, the...
  14. L

    Renewing passport via Germany

    Hiya I need to get a passport and have been told NOT to use the PTT but have been given a list of others such as mng ups yurt içi and aras - has anyone had to renew their passport yet going via Germany and if so any positive or negative feedback on any cargo services who's quickest cheapest...
  15. F

    Renewing RP in Bodrum

    Went to renew my RP yesterday as my last years one expires on the 18 aug. (paid over 1000tl for that one !) But as the price has come down thought i would get 3 year one this time , Nur came with me and had all the necessary docs. ect. same as for last year . Well handed everything over and the...
  16. tylerbabe

    Renewing your Residence

    Does any one know how to get your Foreign Citizenship number as I was renewing my residence and they are now asking for it :mad:
  17. K

    renewing tourist visa?

    hi all, i came in on a tourist visa and we were told i had to sort out my residency one by 10th July. it's not going to happen, because of a few complications. is it possible to renew tourist ones? if so, do you just pay the £10 or whatever it costs when you enter? Thanks!
  18. F

    Renewing RP

    Despite many complaints to Bodrum PTT and Ankara manager we are still not getting any post delivered in Bodrum ! My problem is bank statements from the uk missing since march hant had one the banks send them but they dont get delivered ! So im in a bit of a panic in august i have to renew my RP...
  19. keny

    renewing residency- expiry of blue book

    Can anyone please help.I took out a residency in July 2008.I would like to renew using the blue book.Is there a time limit on the blue book being used again for renewal/Thanks if you can help.
  20. N

    Renewing your passport whilst in turkey

    Just wondering if anyone can give me any information on renewing a british passport whilst in turkey. Many thanks
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