1. V

    Dask & home insurance renewal with HSBC

    My dask & home insurance is due for renewal next week. I have received 2 text messages which state that HSBC will contact me to renew. Does anyone know if they are actually getting around to contacting people in the UK during Covid or should I try to get in contact with my branch? I have...
  2. juco

    UK passport renewal

    When renewing your passport they no longer add the time left on the old one to the new passport.
  3. G

    residency renewal

    Hi my first RP is due to expire in May, is the renewal process easier than the intitial one? how long before the new card is issued? BTW i'm in didim
  4. Leo

    Reflections on our application for renewal of STRP

    I thought it might be helpful to others for me to record some brief reflections following our latest application for STRP renewal, following the recent closure off the Kas office and the need now to go to Kemer. Firstly, we were able to complete the English language version of the online...
  5. B

    Passport renewal changes

    Don't get caught out
  6. A

    Uk passport renewal from Turkey

    Has anyone had to renew their uk passport whilst living in Turkey? I need to renew my sons this year and am unsure how to do it. I looked on the and it says to fill in the forms online and post to Liverpool! If this is the case what is the most reliable courier to send the old passport...
  7. L

    E visa renewal

    Hi I am arriving in Turkey this week, current visitor visa expires in a month as I visited in March. My husband is currently completing his work/resident permits as he is here for 12 months at moment. Not sure what I should do in terms of renewing visa (I am hoping to come back to uk for...
  8. A

    Short term residence permit renewal URGENT

    Need some help. Trying to renew my short term residence permit(one year). I am using my laptop for this. Managed to login, enter all information in the red boxes. I did not enter my foreign residence number on the first page as was told not to. My current permit expires on 2nd March 2017. I...
  9. stmary

    Applying for renewal health insurance

    After you have had your first years health insurance both in and out patient .with Nippon for first year ... Can you have in patients only and pay for dentist and drs yourself . Reason is we have paid for dentist drs without claiming back to the insurance company.
  10. Neil_Denizli

    late renewal of residence permit

    Just realised mine expired yesterday ... no big deal to be a couple of days late in renewing, right?
  11. M

    Passport renewal with Turkish Visa

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. I have purchased a visa fir myself and husband for 6th June but now we are renewing our passports on Wednesday so passport numbers will be different. Can we have the visa altered or are we better just to buy them again?
  12. L

    Problems with e-ikamet renewal.

    Hi all, Trying to renew my ikamet online...the system takes me to the end of the form, and the final screen where it has options like "check on the status of your application" and "print your application" but the print option is not available, which makes it impossible to send the thing in. And...
  13. K

    STRP Renewal Experience in Mugla

    Just thought you may be interested in our experience of renewal this week. . . We arrived in Datca last Thursday, 7th April. As our RPs are only valid until 14th April it made renewal a priority. We got all the documents together on Friday, including a new requirement of a 'crime free' letter...
  14. paddington bear

    Renewal of British Passport

    I have just renewed my passport online, documents and expired passport were taken to the UK by a friend and posted on the 21st October with recorded next day delivery. New passport issued on the 27th October and received by me via DHL today, 2nd November, if it hadn't been for the holidays I...
  15. J

    Renewal of Residency Permit

    Hi there After much time spent completing the online form I got to the end and got an application number. I got a message saying the application had been successfully saved and I printed off this page for my records. However, it later dawned on me that I need a print out of the whole...
  16. W

    Resident permit renewal requirements

    With regard to paperwork required for residency application renewal, can anyone tell me if paper proof is still required from the Land Regisry Office that one is still living at the address on the TAPU. If yes - is the long winded payment system still in force ie payment via the bank and take...
  17. D

    Recordbreaking Ikamet renewal?

    Is this a record? Handed in our applications at Marmaris Polis on Wednesday, 8/04/2015, received texts with the tracking barcodes on Thursday afternoon, and the new Ikamets arrived in Marmaris, Friday afternoon and were available for collection at Marmaris Ptt on Saturday morning, 11/04/2015...
  18. I

    residence permit renewal

    Just panicking a bit at the moment. I am married to a turkish citizen & my permit runs out next week. I have just read about all these changes & just want to confirm. 1) DO I still go to the police station in Bodrum as usual? 2) What documents do I need. Still thought I could pop along up to 15...
  19. A

    Quick question on RP renewal and health insurance

    Is there a certain time period for how long your health insurance should be valid for when you make an RP renewal i.e. will it need to cover the entire forthcoming year of the RP? I ask because I currently have private health insurance that runs out about four months after my RP renewal date...
  20. C

    Renewal of Residence Permit

    I need to renew my Residence Permit in Bodrum. I understand that although there are new rules in place as of April 2014 does anyone know whether the Application Form is the same as the one I completed last year?
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