1. Tenpin

    Info Moving to Turkey - Relocating Goods

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. altinkum kev

    Removals Turkey to Bulgaria

    We will be adding a larger truck to the fleet as the jobs are getting to big for van and trailer, pm if interested.
  3. R

    International removals

    Just wondered can anyone recommend a removals company to move back to UK from Yalikavak Turkey. Have had a quote from a UK company but it was very expensive. Only taking personal items which would probably only take up 2 cubic metres space. Any suggestions much appreciated.
  4. J

    Removals to Turkey

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a removals firm to transport household effects to Turkey.? Thanks John
  5. R

    removals firm back to uk, any recommendations

    planning on moving back to uk and we'll have some items we would like to pack in something like a tea chest, anybody out there recommend a firm, I have seen some on here but cannot find them, it was a long time ago though. thanks
  6. T

    Furniture Removals

    I am looking for some one to move some furniture from Dalaman to Ortaca, and the rough cost. 2 Double beds 2 Small Wardrobes 2 Sofa Beds 2 Chairs 4 Bedside Cabinets 1 Medium Fridge 1 TV & Stand They need to be moved from a 3rd floor apartment in Dalaman to a ground floor villa in Ortaca. Any...
  7. Jaycey


    We’re moving from Marmaris to Alanya and will be taking a small amount of furniture with us. Can anyone recommend a reliable removal company in Marmaris with an English speaking rep? Thanks
  8. rosewall1

    removals and storage

    We are seriously considering moving to Bulgaria but have a problem which we hope you might be able to help us with. We shall not be taking furniture but want to take our personal effects which as I am a hoarder are considerable. Problem is we need someone to take it to the Turkish/Bulgarian...
  9. J

    Light Removals Dalaman - Belgium

    Hello all, As it says in the subject heading I am looking for the typical light removals Man and a Van to collect 4 carton boxes approx 1m3 and a carpet to Belgium. I will be in Dalaman next week and would like to try and sort out the removal of these household goods sooner rather than later...
  10. P

    Bodrum Removals

    Hi and Iyi Bayramlar to all. Does anyone know of a good/reliable removals service in or around Bodrum - to move a fair bit of furniture (contents/white goods/garden furniture etc) from Yalikavak to Bodrum? We'll need a large (Luton type) van or lorry (rather than a man with a small van). Thanks...
  11. M


    Hi Does anyone know of reliable removal firms/men with vans in the Bodrum area?
  12. jane2005

    Furniture Removals.

    I am getting my suite re-covered as the red matrerial really was not working out with three dogs in the house. They came to collect the suite. I was expecting them to turn up in some van or truck, but no, they strapped it all to a tiny little car. It was carefully balanced and then tied up...
  13. Ms Who

    Removals from the Koran - Interesting reading!

    Removals from the Hadiths - Interesting reading! Bridging gulf between faith and modernity Turkey makes bold, progressive reforms MUSTAFA AKYOL THE WASHINGTON POST ISTANBUL - "Women are imperfect in intellect and religion." "The best of women are those who are like sheep." "Your prayer will...
  14. R

    removals to altinkum

    Hi i hope people are not getting fed up with me asking questions but we are definately moving to turkey and we need to know whether it is worth bringing all our posessions and furniture or should we just buy everything once we get over there, we are so excited at the prospect of living in a...
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