1. IbrahimAbi

    Elections, just a reminder

    To those TLF members who are currently in Turkey. Turkish law forbids the sale of alcohol on election days . So if you are in need of stocking up, nip to the shops today.
  2. bickern

    Just a reminder folks.

    Just a reminder folks. 1- The #1 rule is to show respect for all members. 2- Negative remarks based on race, ethnicity, or religion will not be tolerated. The use of amusing banter is one thing, insulting a member directly is not amusing. Homophobic posts are not welcome as they will...
  3. hijo

    just a reminder

    ...... clocks go back this weekend..this also reminds me every year to get my flu jab ,just got mines ......
  4. D

    New tourist visa (90/180) regulations - 1st Feb start reminder

    This is just a reminder that (to the best of my knowledge), the new tourist visa rules (90 days in 180 days) will kick in for all tourist visits into Turkey from the 1st February. Remember that the main change is that the back-to-back visa runs loophole has been closed. If you are not aware...
  5. P

    Turk Telecom reminder

    News Detail | Home | Türk Telekom
  6. lara

    VAT Reminder

    VAT will go up to 20% on the 4th of Jan 2011. Don't be caught out, do your prep now!
  7. Marc

    Bodrum Milas Departures....Just a reminder

    How blinking expensive it is! so make sure you go there prepared. Everything is priced in Euros!! I think just to confuse the hell out of you as the majority of people using are either Turkish or British. Beer £4 Coffee £3 Orange Juice £3 Small meal (Chips and something) £9 with a small drink...
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