1. A

    Two Important Tools To Always Remember

    :smile: Always remember that Silence and Smile are two very powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems. Silence is the way to avoid many problems. x Angela x :clap:
  2. bickern

    Remember the clocks alter one hour

    This weekend the clocks alter in UK. In the UK the clocks go forward one hour at 1.00 am on Sunday, March 31, 2019 I will be glad because 3 hours meant the watershed was midnight if watching TV, but more importantly chatting to my daughter or whomever will be easier; 2 hours not too bad but...
  3. bickern

    Remember these ads

    Coee Mr Shifter. LOL PG Tips Mr Shifter - YouTube Boy - you know the piano’s on my foot? Mr Shifter - You hum it, son...I’ll play it! Loved them all.
  4. juco

    Ironing, anyone remember these.

    I have a couple of these, this one I fired up a couple of years back Tilley paraffin Iron. Video clip.
  5. bickern

    Important facts to remember.

  6. bickern

    Do you remember your first time?

    Oh, so many years ago.
  7. christella

    Can you remember the very first song

    I was very young but I can remember catch a falling song and put it in your pocket by perry como
  8. bal canavar

    Remember this man

    Remember this man Personal Advisor to PM Erdogan who caused a outrage by kicking the protesting mourner, a Soma miner whilst being held down by two special service officers . Wonder what happened to him ? and his punishment. He was demoted from a senior position he didn't hold, back to...
  9. SHAWY

    Do you remember these.

    1-- Because I said so. 2-- Wait and see. 3-- Ask your father. 4-- No pudding unless you finish your dinner. 5-- If someone asked you to jump of a cliff would you. 6-- I,ve told you a thousand times. 7-- Say pardon not what. 8-- What did your last slave die of. 9-- You will have some ones eye out...
  10. hijo

    Remember - Busby Babes

    R.I.P The Busby Babes 56th Years ago today you lost your Lives in a terrible football disaster but We will forever keep you in our Thoughts as manchester united and manchester city fans unite as 1 to pay our respect to Legends lost on this dark day in munich ...
  11. Yalides

    We will remember you

    Nick Clegg blocks plan for temporary migrants from high-risk countries to pay £3k bond before coming to UK | Mail Online If you were one of the half dozen people who voted LibDem last time round, will you do so again ? One of the best ideas for a long time and dickbrain Clegg vetoes it.
  12. bickern

    Remember clocks go back one hour

    Remember clocks go back one hour this Sunday morning. Oh dear it will get dark quicker.
  13. lara

    The good things I remember.

    Reading the Quiz thread, someone wrote a post about why women can't put mascara on without being able to close their mouths which reminded me of my mum and her spitting into a block of mascara, disgusting I know but that's what she did. And heating the poker in the fire and curling her hair...
  14. S

    Time to remember

    For all of us there are special times to remember and reflect. From anniversaries of loved ones passing to minor things like sporting victories or just good times. For me a very significant one is a sad and poignant one in the worlds modern history. Its a time for remembering despite...
  15. tykatem

    Arthur Scargill - Remember him?

    The once mighty NUM cannot afford £34,000 per year to keep its former leader in the style to which he's been accustomed speaks volumes! The really obnoxious thing about Scargill is that he thinks that his lifetime presidency and the perks that go with it are due to him. BBC News - Arthur...
  16. yalimart

    do you remember when ?

    do you remember when a £1 .... What a pound could have bought you ? and what it still can - Yahoo! Finance UK I can remember in 1976 with a £1 you could buy 6 pints of boddingtons (tap room prices) 10 no 10 cigarettes and I still had my bus fare home ! what can you remember ? Martin
  17. P

    Remember the birds.

    Winter is nearly here & our native birds will soon be finding food scarce. Please go to the pet shop & buy a bag of nuts for our feathered friends.There is no finer sight on a winter's morning than a pair of tits around your nut sack. Just remember however it's a bit early in the year to expect...
  18. C

    Remember Ben Needham

    Its over 20 years ago now that Ben Needham a 21 month old toddler dissapeared on the Greek island of Kos,his family have never given up the search.The Greek authorities have now agreed to re open the case ,fantastic news for all his family.I have often wondered whether Ben could have been taken...
  19. jewel

    A day to remember for all the wrong reasons.

    Well it started of pretty good, we were due to fly from Manchester to Bodrum at 16-50 a great time and for once we had invested in a weighing scale to ensure no Kings ransomes on overweight charges. Checking in was a breeze and we were delighted to only be 3 kilo over and the nice Lady said 'we...
  20. M

    Any one remember the Old Ataturk Airport

    Going back a few years ago now. I have been flying either to and from, or transiting through, Turkey since the early 1990s. I am talking about the old Ataturk airport in Istanbul, this is now known as the Domestic terminal. It used to be both International and Domestic. These were the days...
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