Ex Pats,don't Rely On The N.h.s.

    Sorry i cannot master 'copy/paste',but an article in the EDP,an east anglian newspaper on 8/5/08,states that a couple who took a 2 year work contract in st.kitts in the caribbian & renting out their house in norwich,were involved in a car accident in st.kitts & the husband was told that they...
  2. shirleyanntr

    todays word is gü rely

    Gü trust…to rely upon. ‘Ona güveniyorum’ i trust him/her /it Say it…goo..ven.. ee.. the OO a bit like the Man United chant ‘OO ahh Cantona’..if you remember it!..Say it well to the front of your mouth… ((this is whats meant by front vowels and back vowels…the U without...
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