1. J

    Relocating- What's Expensive in Turkey, what would you bring?

    Hi, I'm moving from the UK to Ankara in June with my wife and 2 boys (2&3) for a 4 year work placement. I'll be getting a house somewhere just outside the city and most are unfurnished so I get an allowance for new stuff. I can also take 400kg of goods/luggage with me, so I'm wondering what to...
  2. A


    Motown/Soul Singer Christine Sayman İs Relocating To Fethiye İn 4 Weeks......Any Advice Or Help On Long Term Rental Properties İn The ÇaliŞ Beach Area And Venue Work Options (TC Kimlik Holder) Would Be Gratefully Received. Thank You :thanks:
  3. teosgirl

    Relocating to the UK

    Hi, As some of you might have read on the Erdogan thread my family and I are making plans to return to the UK next year. These plans are in the early stages and things might change; our decision ultimately rests on a number of issues being resolved, but if things work in our favour then we...
  4. C

    Altinkum - maybe relocating for 2-3 months

    Hello to Altinkum residents, Since I may be in or near Altinkum for prolonged dental treatment this winter, i am eager to find out how others have planned their stay. I would like to rent a budget flat or cottage so i can send some of my clothes and books well in advnce and am wondering...
  5. B

    relocating to spain

    Just heard through the grapevine . Some dear old friends of mine are relocating to spain . I am sure all of koycegiz will want to jion me in wishing them Buen viaje, and a quick sale of their property.
  6. B

    Relocating To Calis

    I am thinking of relocating to Calis and am looking for an unfurnished 3/4 bedroomed house to rent ,long term with garden and not on a site as we have a dog and cats.
  7. D

    Free Advice - Re-Locating to Bulgaria

    After re-locating to Bulgaria now from Turkey, and recieving 3 private messages from my previous post on this subject. I'd like to believe I have also helped as best I can with what info I know, in the recent re-locations of 2 of our friends from Konakli & Payallar who are now (or soon will be)...
  8. D

    Ex-Pats Relocating from Turkey to Bulgaria

    It seems the Bulgarian Government has finally noticed that the steady influx of UK & Irish (plus many other Nationalities) ex-pats re-locating to Bulgaria and the benefits of being in the E.U. from Turkey needs addressing. Hence they (the BG Govnt) have finally started to impliment measures to...
  9. M

    Thinking of Relocating to Altinkum

    Any advice would be welcome as I am thinking of moving to Altinkum from the UK. I am new to this forum and I would really like to meet new people and find out what the lifestyle in Altinkum is like for a British woman on her own. 😎:bigkiss: :eyeye: :307bt:
  10. Yalides

    Relocating to Turkey

    Why is it people relocating to Turkey worry about things like can you get pork products there or can you get English TV there or is there English beer on sale there etc etc. If its that important then should you not remain in UK ?
  11. E

    Relocating to Turkey

    Hi, my name is Elaine. Im looking into relocating to Turkey in 2013 and was wondering how hard/easy this is likely to be, for myself and my 15 and 18 year old children. Ive visited between Altinkum and Kas and have no real preference where we end up as have never encountered anywhere that I...
  12. Q

    Considering relocating

    I've been offered a job which would mean relocating to one of the school's other branches in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Antalya, Adana, and Izmit. I've been to both Istanbul and Bursa. I like Istanbul, but found it cramped, the metro system a joke and the buses even worse, and I didn't like the...
  13. G

    Relocating to Spain

    Anyone thinking of relocating to Spain, I´ve got details of an excellent Estate Agent here in the Spanish town where I now live. Before anyone asks, no I dont work for them and I also dont recommend people lightly, they have to be good for me to recommend them.
  14. N

    relocating to altinkum

    hi there, wondered if i could ask for some advice re moving back to altinkum (my turkish husband and i used to live there before we had the kids). We are thinking of moving from glasgow to altinkum and are trying to think of the best way to go about it regarding our furniture etc. Can anyone...
  15. ceemac

    Relocating Your Pet Overseas

    Relocating your pet internationally is a time consuming, expensive process that requires specialized knowledge of import and export documentation, necessary veterinary procedures and ensuing paperwork, airline policies, travel crate requirements, quarantine laws, boarding accommodation in the...
  16. J


    Hi Everyone, Hoping for some advice and assistance for a 2 year plan we have to relocate to Didum. We own an apartment near to the Saturday market and love our visits there (booked again for 3 weeks next July). Good to be on board......
  17. M

    relocating to Altinkum

    Hi Any idea's on the best and cheapest way to get some personnel belongings to Altinkum this year maybe about 3 cases full? regards
  18. M

    relocating to turkey

    hi everyone, sharon and myself are seriously thinking of selling up in the uk to relocate to turkey we have had a villa in ovacik for 5 years now and up to now only used it for our hols,we are still quite young being in our 50s.i would like to hear from people that have already relocated and for...
  19. B

    Relocating to Turkey

    Hi, Im new to this site and would appreciate any help in making contact with anyone who is either thinking of moving to Turkey this year or is already out there. I will be retiring this year (aged 52, Im a female going it alone and will be buying a place in either Altinkum or Kusadasi. As I...
  20. I

    relocating to turkey

    hi, i will be moving to turkey hopefully in april/may 2005. I am married to a turkish man and was wondering if anyone had any info on shipping furniture? I have read somewhere that being married to a turk is a cheaper way of importing my houshold goods, is this true? Also would i still need a...
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