1. ceemac

    Sh1t & Religions

    Saoirse gave me the idea to post this with his atheist remarks so thanks Philip! This is just a humorous little collection to pigeon-hole the religions (obviously thought up by a non-believer heheh), and is not meant to be offensive but don't read if you're very religious!) The asterixed...
  2. zuberdust

    what are your religions

    what religion do you follow? do you follow it strictly or was just born into it?
  3. ceemac

    Breakdown of Religions in Turkey

    Here are some very recent figures I hope may be of interest ; 81.96 % of Turkey People are Sunni Thursday , 22 March 2007 Religious Structure of Turkish Society Sunni (Hanefi/Hanefite) 81.96 % Sunni (Shafi) 9.06 % Sunni (Other) 0.4 % Alevis 5.02 % Nusayris 0.1 % Shiite 0.71 % Other...
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