1. yalimart


    The following reminds me of why I hate religion so much. PIL Religion. Stained glass windows keep the cold outside While the hypocrites hide inside With the lies of statues in their minds Where the Christian religion made them blind Where they hide And prey to the God of a bitch spelled...
  2. Camden

    Yoga a pagan religion

    You will be glad to know the Turkish government Milli Eğitim Bakan and the Religious Affairs Directorate has now cancelled its yoga related fatwa on the practising of yoga ......after seeing it as pagan worship....lifting the recent ban of the use of schools and from school children...
  3. K

    Religion, again.

    I am now truly speechless. A six years old child was beheaded in Saudi Arabia - Shia Rights Watch
  4. S

    Religion in Turkey

    Some other threads on TLF reminded me of an amusing view of religion I heard expressed during my long and happy time in Fethiye/Uzumlu I was talking just generally about different communities in the local area when I mentioned an area between Uzumlu and Fethiye. One local Turk who had amazing...
  5. kemerkid

    Five hundred years to study religion.

    A local court sentenced a teacher to 508 years and three monts in prison on April 20 on charges of sexually assaulting 10 male school children in the Central Anatolian province of Karaman. The 54-year-old teacher, identified only by the initials M.B., pleaded not guilty in the April 20 hearing...
  6. bal canavar

    Language & Religion

    Hands up people who don't think Erdogan is a divisive President and Turkey has troubles ahead . Erdoğan: " Ottoman language will be taught, whether they like it or not " President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has rejected debating a proposal to teach the Ottoman language in compulsory classes at high...
  7. bal canavar


    It is concerning that the visibility of religion in Turkey is on the rise ,I have no truck with religion but think it should be personal and held close to your heart ,with no real need for promotion in a secular country. The rise is being promoted by the politics of the AKP and is using...
  8. mamish

    Why I moved from Turkey - by a Turk

    Sad but true.... ?Why I moved from Turkey? - BLIND SPOT If there is an exodus of educated, caring Turks, what are we left with? (A name beginning with E??) :35:
  9. suzyq

    European court of HR tell Turkey to end compulsory religion course

    European court tells Turkey to end compulsory religion course The article below says more
  10. Sha Hoorsur


    Having our lunch break at a house I’m renovating. A plumber, a spark, the labourer and myself. The conversation, for once was not concerning the world cup, it had wandered into the topic of religion. We were debating the pros and cons of the various religions around the world, and the crux of...
  11. bickern

    Christianity no longer a religion

    Christianity has ceased to be a religion but has become a culture of its own, Turkish Environment and Urbanism Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar said at a recent conference hosted by the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AKP) Women's Group. "The biggest three countries in the world are not...
  12. teosgirl

    religion in School and the PM's push for his "conservative youth"

    POLITICS - Choose religious elective courses for your children, Turkish PM advises parents A child attending state middle school (age 10-14) must now select 3 lessons, ranging from science, Turkish, languages, maths, sports, drama and 3 religious courses which include learning about the Koran...
  13. ZiaCa'

    A new Religion is born!

    :95im: 'I'm a Pastafarian': Man who claims his religion forces him to wear a sieve on his head given permission to wear one on his official identity card picture | Mail Online
  14. bickern

    How to choose your religion

  15. Martyn

    Religion - I just don't get it!

    Now here is a subject that probably will go right off the rails and start the insults off. I'm not talking about all the religious(and non religious) wars I'm talking about our personal experiences and up bringing. My story is that I grew up in a very poor, single parent family on a council...
  16. C

    Moving for my boyfriend and the adventure

    I met my boyfriend 5 months ago in turkey. I'm 19, living in England and he is 30 living in turkey. I know it's a large age gap but don't focus too much on that as we're used to it and get on amazingly. It has always been the plan that I would move to his city, Ankara, at some point in the...
  17. Sha Hoorsur

    Violence and religion

    It seems to me, the problem Islam has, is some Muslims don’t have sufficient confidence in their religion. They never tire of immediately rioting, and resorting to murder and violence at what they consider the merest slight to their beliefs. Surely Islam is great enough to stand up to criticism...
  18. mollag

    Religion choice flowchart

    Cant recall if i have put this on before but its worth a second lookey loo :hail:
  19. B

    Offending a religion.

    Fazil Say, a Turkish composer and pianist, has said that he is going to leave his native country and move to Japan after he was placed under investigation by the Istanbul Prosecutor's Office for "insulting religious values" and offending Islamic belief. His (alleged) crime? Tweeting that he is...
  20. alison09400

    Liam Neeson considers changing his religion after a filming in Turkey

    It drove him mad during his first week in Istanbul filming, but Northern Ireland actor Liam Neeson says the call to prayer was "the most beautiful, beautiful thing". Liam Neeson 'considers converting to Islam' - News, Entertainment -
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