1. S

    Reliable estate agent in Alanya

    Which estate agents are reliable to sell my property in Tosmur
  2. T

    Interesting Report - Turkey is not a reliable ally?

    Report that mentions that Turkey is not a reliable ally. At last! It is in English with arabic subtitles
  3. N

    Reliable & honest cleaner required

    Hi ...Please can anybody recommend a cleaner, who we could email prior to arriving in Dalaman to clean a 2 bed, 1 bathroom apartment?
  4. A

    Reliable Second hand car

    I am looking for a relaible second hand car, any advice, or is anyone selling thank you
  5. B

    Looking for a reliable 4x4 in next few weeks

    Hello you lucky people, I was wondering if anyone could help. I am moving to Uzumlu in next few weeks.Where I am going to reside is on the top of the mountain. I would need to buy a 4x4,and I don't speak the lingo yet,do you know anyone who I could hire for a day to translate,for me,in order to...
  6. L

    Reliable estate agent please

    Can anyone recommend a decent estate agent as I am looking to buy a 3 bed apartment in the Side area ? What are the fees etc? Cheers Lenny
  7. H

    Can anyone recommend a reliable agent to sell my apartment?

    Hi, I will be coming to Altinkum in the next few weeks in order to sell my apartment. I would appreciate any recommendations from the forum of any reliable agents in Altinkum that members have successfully used in the past. Have any of you used an agent who buys a property directly from the...
  8. S

    Has anyone any reliable ideas on postage?

    Now that I have my address I would like to post some things to turkey but everyone is advising me not to use the postal service as it is usual that things go missing??? Has anyone ever sent anything via UPS or any kind of courier? If postal service is not very good anyone any ideas?
  9. C

    Reliable Tour Operators

    Hi all, I have spent some time researching local tour operators to use for trips during our two week stay in Konakli during August. There seems to be a very mixed bunch from the reviews. Although I sometimes wonder if they should be taken with a pinch of salt, as I have neither had problems...
  10. O

    Reliable and professional vets in yalikavak and bodrum

    Here is a list of vets that are excellent in handling all cases. Their clinics are extremely well equipped and these veterinarians attend symposiums all year long for further education and knowledge. You can trust them to give the best possible care for your pets. These are the only 3 that I...
  11. R

    Looking for reliable & enthusiastic estate agent to help sell property?

    Considering putting our 3 bedroomed house on the market, and would appreciate any help from TLF. have heard of some right horror stories. Only last month someone asked the agent who THEY bought from if they would try and sell their house and she said, and I quote " Do us a favour, save me coming...
  12. L

    reliable estate agent needed

    Could anyone recommend a reliable estate agent within the area at all for possible resale of apartment?? Many Thanks in advance
  13. M

    Any reliable dive centres near Yalikavak?

    I'm looking for a good review of any dive centres near Yalikavak. We've used a few in Bodrum - but weren't feeling great about their safety procedures... We currently use Erman Dive Centre which is based in Sea gardens and Bodrum Marina, which we enjoy and has a good record, although...
  14. C

    Is Dalaman Car Hire a reliable company?

    Hello everyone I'm coming to Turkey for the first time this summer with my wife and 5 kids. We need to rent a large car at Dalaman Airport. I have come across Dalaman Car Hire, who seem to have a good range of vehicles and very competitive prices. The question is, are they a reliable...
  15. K

    Reliable builder needed

    My mother and I have had an apartment in Alanya for over 7 years now and have decided that we would like to make some alterations. We have received a quote from the original builders, but were wondering if anyone knows of any reliable workmen/companies that we could approach for a quote. Thanks
  16. D

    Reliable Estate Agent Sought

    Hi All, We have decided to sell up our apartment as grandchild no 2 is on the way and we think it's time to settle our funds in the UK in a tourer (our fun) and a static (family fun). Would anyone recommend a good honest reliable estate agent we could go to on our return in March?
  17. maggie

    Reliable Dream Box Supplier

    Have any of you dream box users got a really reliable service as the one we have is pants !! Thinking of changing when its up for renewall just want to find someone that gives reliable service. Think a lot of us in Akbuk and Altinkum have Mert and just lately our service has been diabolical.Hugs...
  18. A

    Property Managment & Cleaning agents

    Could anyone point me in the right direction of cleaning and letting agents in Altinkum. is it better to use the one company to clean and rent the apartment or is it easy enough to property manage from Wales...looking into doing the whole package of transfers, cleaning and renting of property...
  19. KEDDI

    Reliable and HONEST lawyer

    Hi everybody, Would anyone know a reliable and honest lawyer in Söke or Aydin ? May be one in Didim or Altinkum in my dreams ?!! I've got my title deeds made but I need one to investigate and find out what happened with my duplex with the relevant Belediye authorities. I can't get my...
  20. M

    Reliable Builder in Kalkan Wanted

    Wanting to build small wooden pergola, and stone wall, on our property in Kalkan, the last week in April 2011 before the start of the season. Does anyone know of an honest and reliable builder(s) that we could approach, via email or phone? We will be in Kalkan when we want work done, so able to...
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