1. B

    Israel releases prisoners.

    Israel releases 26 Palestinian prisoners - Middle East - Al Jazeera English I hope that this goes some way to easing the problems in the Israel/Palestine region, but somehow I doubt it, as building in the West Bank by Israel is to continue...
  2. ceemac

    Sledgehammer probe receives severe blow with releases

    Twenty-eight suspects in the investigation into the Sledgehammer coup plot have been released over the past 48 hours, in what has been seen as a major blow to the probe into retired and active duty military officials who allegedly plotted a coup d'├ętat. Here C
  3. merlin

    Google releases Sidebar....

    Dubbed Sidebar, the free programme will sit on a user's desktop pulling news stories, photographs, weather reports, stock quotes and other features onto a user's computer without the need to open a web browser. Google Desktop is also bundled into Sidebar, allowing users to search for files on...
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