1. mollag

    Car crash Foreign Relations.

    Turkey does seem to stagger from one diplomatic car crash to another very quickly, Erdogan still licking his wounds from Russia and Israel, now seems intent on really pissing off Germany, good luck with that Recip...
  2. Jaycey

    US-China relations

    Philippines, US to sign defence pact First overflying disputed islands and now this. I find it strange that the US is stirring trouble with China when more imminent issues are at hand.
  3. Mushtaq

    What does Israel's apology mean for future relations with Turkey?

    In May 2010, the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship, led a flotilla bound for Gaza, which planned to break the Israeli naval blockade. It was a humanitarian mission protesting against the harsh blockade, which was preventing essential food and medical supplies from reaching the Gaza Strip. On 31 May...
  4. Squeaky

    Who will decide the future of Turkish-Israeli relations?

    Good afternoon: There are a number of articles in the papers today concerning the Israeli – Turkish question which try to explain and analyze both the actions and future relationship between the two countries. There are a number of comments which I am happy to read as they indicate that Turkey...
  5. culturevulture

    Turkey/US relations.

    Some Interesting views in this article. Turkey, US await a whack from WikiLeaks - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Mary.
  6. John O' Dreams

    Turkey/Israel relations

    A decade ago, Israel and Turkey seemed to be “the” best friends in the Middle East. Today they are not only engaged in an unending war of words, but there is even blood between them. How did we get here? A confident Turkey could not ignore Israel's killings - The Irish Times - Mon, Jun 07, 2010
  7. ceemac

    Turkey/Israel Relations

    What is going on between these two at the moment? They seem to have gone from quite friendly relations to being at each others throats recently. Every day there seems to be more stories in the press about their growing rift and I just wonder what's behind it all - it seems to be cranked...
  8. ceemac

    Turkey/Israel Relations on Downward Spiral

    Shock and anger on Israeli streets. Few things bring together Israelis and Palestinians given the decades-long acrimonious divide between the two. One thing that does unite them, however, is a shared love of Turkey’s Mediterranean holiday destinations. Here C
  9. Martyn

    Turkey proposes better Armenian relations

    The Associated Press: Turkey says accord reached with Armenia on roadmap
  10. ceemac

    Greek/Turkish Relations

    This from Turkish Daily News today ; 'The Greek consul to İzmir toured Turkey's Aegean region last week, with the aim of improving local relations with his home country across the water. On a trip that included Bodrum, Torbalı and Aydın, Consul George Katapodis, told Bodrum Mayor Mazlum Ağan...
  11. T

    Bad relations

    I know this might not be the right time but are we the only people who are getting really fed up by the continuous flack and bad blood that exists between TLF and the other forum. Even following the death of a member,there is now a "banning" argument going on and quite frankly it puts me off...
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