1. Fastlady

    Changes in law relating to keeping you car in Turkey

    hi, Apologies as I'm sure this has been covered before but can't find the thread... I seem to remember a post a few months ago saying that rumours were going around regarding the length of time you could keep your vehicle in Turkey. As far as I know it was a maximum of 6 months, per year, but...
  2. R

    Have any of you been on other forums relating to Turkey?

    I've been googling a lot recently trying to get cheap flights (no luck) and the links I have been directed to via google!!!! I ended up wasting loads of time as the links were so funny or strange. I hadn't realised how many forums there were, as I found this place by chance. On one of them...
  3. Lindy

    An interesting article relating to Turkish schools in the Fethiye Times

    Perhaps the UK should adopt this methodology as it may help to improve behaviour and attitiudes of young people and their parents !! Back to school in Turkey Wednesday, 27 September 2006 Children across Turkey have now gone back to school after the long summer break. Zuhal Guven, a...
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