1. T

    RP Rejection

    Hi, Has anyone had their renewal of RP rejected? If so how were you informed?
  2. Mushtaq

    How do you handle rejection?

    Recently a friend was in the position of being dumped by his girlfriend of many years, she was two timing behind his back too. Anyway he was devastated as he was besotted with her and couldn't handle the breakup, he was a nightmare to be around and in my opinion childish. I am the type to say...
  3. ceemac

    Court upholds reunification rejection for Turkish sisters

    Two Turkish girls whose father emigrated to Denmark and remarried are not eligible to come to the country through the rules of family reunification, according to a Supreme Court ruling today. Here C
  4. Andy

    Ultimate Rejection

    Q. What''s the ultimate rejection? A. When you''re masturbating and your hand falls asleep! :w00t: Anon
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