1. Peter&Janette

    More of a re-introduction

    Hi everyone, not been on the forum since last September due to being away from the UK. Pleased to be back. Peter and Janette
  2. M


    Hallo again all Firstly its great to see alot of new members and Hi to you all. We are Mal and Katie and little Harry and afor he arrived we had done alot of travelling...India, Thailand, Malaysia etc etc...I say this soas you can get an idea of our nature and not soas to boast of course. Given...
  3. CJD


    Hi Im Carol I joined ages ago but managed to forget what I signed on as doh!!! We have a villa in the village of Sogut on the Marmaris Peninsular we have owned it for just over a year now and just love village life. We're going back out on the 22nd of August and plan to settle there as soon as...
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