1. N

    Please help us,

    I know there are a lot of street dogs that need help and we do our best for the ones in Akbuk but I need to rehome "my" family dog as a result of a crazy Turkish woman. Our dog broke her old collar and proceded to go out of our sitesi gate as if to got on her usual walk, the woman in question...
  2. leanne3

    please help rehome darcy!

    hi everyone! my name is leanne and iv been living in bodrum for 2 years! in june i found a severly malnourished kitten darcy(he was practicaly bald and was pooing hair and in alot of pain!) he walked out in front of me while i was driving and i took him home! he was soo tiny...
  3. jellybean

    Help rehome Frank...please

    I had a phone call today from a friends. They have made the difficult decision to return to England after a year here. They have a 6 year old Staffie, who they have had since a pup in England. He is a friendly family pet, black and white in colour. A couple had agreed to adopt him, when they...
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