1. D

    Roof Rack Regulations

    I was stopped at a routine Jandarma traffic checkpoint when carrying some planks on a roofrack, On seeing the loaded roof rack the Jandarme immediately said “problem” and called his boss over, who also said “problem”. I was then issued with a ticket for 95 TL. (25% reduction if paid in 15...
  2. J

    Airline Regulations re laptops

    Hi everyone, I have been told that the strict regulations flying from Turkey have been relaxed. Specifically that you can now take tablets/e-readers in hand luggage. Is this correct as we are flying out next week and I would like to take my e-reader on the flight home. Many thanks in advance -...
  3. E

    New property Regulations

    Email from YELLALI today .Changes coming in 2020 house insulation, it affects nearly every one. It states after 2020 you cannot sell your house, new or old without the new regulation insulation. Apartment blocks have extra problem as i have read before if the full block is not insulated you...
  4. B

    New Regulations on Lap tops from Turkety

    I know this is for flights to the USA but I have no doubt UK will follow. ANKARA Turkey is about to lift a ban on large electronic devices from U.S.-bound flights of Turkish Airlines, its transport minister said on Tuesday Ahmet Arslan said that security officials from the U.S. will monitor...
  5. M

    New Rental Regulations in Turkey

    I wonder if anyone has any information regarding the new rental regulations. I am led to believe a non Turkish citizen has to set up ltd company to rent their house and be termed a pension. this seems to incur large fees etc ?
  6. P

    New regulations for foreigners lack flexibility

    New regulations regarding the residence of foreigners in Turkey have improved long out-of-date laws, but their lack of flexibility is hurting many non-Turkish residents, according to an Austrian researcher in Turkey. “[Long-term residents] were not taken into consideration. Within the...
  7. juco

    New passport regulations.

    1) PASSPORTS: As of January 1, 2015, passports should have at least 60 days validity from the date of expiry of a traveller's visa, visa exemption period or residency permit to be able to enter Turkey.
  8. bickern

    Turkish law -- regulations about off plan property sales

    The new law regarding consumer protection regulates off plan sales. The law defines an off plan prepaid sales agreement for residential properties as follows “an off plan prepaid sales agreement for residential properties is an agreement in which the consumer is committing to buy a residential...
  9. the bueman

    Republic Of Ireland New Driving Regulations

    Hi All As of the 1st May Accessing or Using a Mobile Phone or Device that requires the Driver to press a key to access the device while driving..... is now an offence punishable in the same way and category as Drink Driving. So if you are detected.......No more roadside fines or...
  10. M

    New UK Tax Regulations - Overseas Assets

    Anyone got any comments/thoughts about this : "People who hide their money overseas to avoid paying tax face bigger fines and could be jailed more easily under government plans to fight tax evasion. To prosecute at present, tax officials must prove a person holding income offshore has intended...
  11. tykatem

    New Regulations for renting your Turkish property

    A new regulation (set to be introduced) by the Minister of Tourism & Minister of Internal affairs will see tighter controls for homeowners wishing to rent out their Turkish properties to holidaymakers. YellAli has received the following information from the Ministry of Tourism and although...
  12. A

    Planning Permission / Building Regulations in Turkey?

    I was wondering if anybody could assist with a little knowledge about planning laws and building regulations in Turkey (specifically in relation to residential properties). I am very unfamiliar with how the system works - namely what documentation is required and how it is enforced? Also, what...
  13. D

    Help me understand the regulations about cars!

    My favourite İ keep looking at the classifieds here in turkey connected to Yabanci to yabanci or blue plated cars and foreign cars that are here. First question, how can a car that can only be sold yab/yab be the same price as a normal Turkish car?--also the blue plates the...
  14. L

    New Passport Regulations

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this but thought everyone should know about these new regulations : Important new passport rules for entry to Turkey Lesley
  15. Y

    Everchanging Customs Regulations on Posted Goods

    Does anyone know of a website link to the ever tightening regulations for postal imports?
  16. D

    New tourist visa (90/180) regulations - 1st Feb start reminder

    This is just a reminder that (to the best of my knowledge), the new tourist visa rules (90 days in 180 days) will kick in for all tourist visits into Turkey from the 1st February. Remember that the main change is that the back-to-back visa runs loophole has been closed. If you are not aware...
  17. K

    Turkish import regulations 2011

    can someone sticky this? all the threads up to now haven't been as up to date as we needed info for. based on our own personal experience of moving here in the last 3 months... new regulations state that one's goods must arrive no later than 1 month before or after your arrival. if it exceeds...
  18. D

    What are the building regulations for conservatories?

    I have had a look on the other forum topics but have not found an answer to my question. My partner and I have decided to build a conservatory on the back of our house and we are going to try and build the conservatory ourselves (we will try anyway). I have been told by a good friend that we may...
  19. Yalides

    Health & Safety RegulatiHSE regulations for applied during Christmas activities

    Jingle Bells Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh O'er the fields we go Laughing all the way A risk assessment must be submitted before an open sleigh is considered safe for members of the public to travel on. The risk assessment must also consider whether it is appropriate to...
  20. Lindacm

    Nufus regulations

    Whilst we have lived in Turkey for over 4 years now, we did not know until recently that we had to register with the Nufus office! I have spent most of the day today going from one office to another to try to register my husband and myself. I was told that not to register is a very big NO NO...
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