1. S

    No regrets from Isis lowlife

    Words fail me Doesn’t regret anything!!!!
  2. Mushtaq

    Biggest Regrets ????

    I came across couple of articles recently where people were asked what their biggest regrets were. Mine would be that was I too busy working and didn't spend a lot of time with my family, missed out on being there when they could have done with some guidance and support. What about you?
  3. S

    No regrets?

    I was talking to someone recently and the conversation got to wrong things we had done over the past. He stated that he would never have any regrets as the past is the past and it cant be changed. Whilst that is factually correct I have always believed regret is a good thing-shows conscience...
  4. perfect1949

    do you have any regrets in your life

    I dont regret ANYTHING in my past... I like looking back and smiling :) yes some of it hurt, but im stronger and know better now. havent felt so great in so long:) dave
  5. rafiki

    Regrets after leaving Turkey?

    With a lot of people selling up and leaving Turkey over the last couple of years I was wondering how many of these people had returned to the UK and later regreted doing so and wished they had never left Turkey?
  6. juco

    I have no regrets!

    104,000 civilians dead 500,000 casualties 2.7m refugees 179 uk soldiers killed 1.8bn bullets fired cost to uk government £7bn But the man has no regrets! The world is now a safer place according to T B Liar How many would have lost their lives had he not gone to war with Iraq. I cannot and...
  7. Joe in Tasucu

    Regrets? I've had a few.

    Is there anything you didn't do that you really wish you had done?
  8. Miss Money Penny

    Any Regrets?

    I had not considered a permanent move to Turkey ( though my other half had ) until our last visit in September.My idea had always been to have the best of both. We can't afford to retire and keep two homes but we do think we could retire to Turkey if we sell up in the UK.Trying not to look at...
  9. E

    Any Regrets

    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place! I was reading through various threads the other day and found comments on 'regrets moving to Turkey'. However, now can't find them or any further info. So my question is : Are there people out their who do regret moving to Turkey. The reason for...
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