1. ted j

    UK Land registry faces privatisation

    Land Registry faces privatisation | Politics | The Guardian It might make them work harder and actually get some things right We had a small problem with the land registry when we sold our house and despite what information is available on Google (90% of which is actually wrong)..... after...
  2. A

    land registry in Alanya

    How do I contact the Land Registry in Alanya? I would like to check the Tapu for a property I have a deposit on. I have no lawyer at the moment and therefore would like to try and check this out myself. is it possible for me to do this from the UK?
  3. B

    Why are land registry searches not carried out in Turkey prior to buying?

    Why are land registry searches not carried out to make sure no charges are set against a property in Turkey? Surely the conveyancing solicitor acting for you carries out these searches before you sign any papers or pay any money? I know that in the UK solictors do 2 land registry searches...
  4. ceemac

    Turkey’s Land Registry to open representation offices abroad

    This has to be given a cautious welcome I think. 'Turkey’s Land Registry General Directorate will be able to open new branches in European countries if a bill recently prepared by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement passes in Parliament.' The article also states, "They will also...
  5. J

    Marriage Registry Office in Marmaris

    I wonder if anyone could advise exactly where this is in Marmaris and also if the place where you go to sort your paperwork is the same building as where you go to actually get married? Many thanks
  6. J

    Registry Office in Marmaris

    Does anyone have a contact email address for the registry office for marriages in Marmaris please? Many thanks
  7. J

    Land registry Help!

    Hi Can anyone, shed any light on this, we have had a message from our man in Turkey who has been sorting our tapu, hab cert etc, asking for "more money" this is the message ( his English is not that good which makes me think someone has help him with the message) The expenses related to the...
  8. P

    Land registry fee?

    The land registry fee will also be cut to 0.005 percent from 0.015 percent. What is the land registry fee and when is it normally paid? I just noticed that this has been reduced as part of the tax reduction packages announced recently but its a figure that I've never seen anywhere in buying...
  9. bickern

    Land Registry and Cadastre Modernization Project.

    Turkey Partners with World Bank for Modernization of Land Management Systems WASHINGTON, May 1, 2008 – The World Bank today approved a loan equivalent to US$203 million to the Government of Turkey for the Land Registry and Cadastre Modernization Project. The Project will improve the...
  10. P

    Land registry Didim.

    Ref.the article in Voices 4/10,about Tapus, (1)Where is the land registry office in Diddim? (2)Can owners check at the office if the tapu has been issued? & (3)Is this becoming a common practice,where tapus are lodged with banks as security against loans? Surely this...
  11. B

    turkish lawyers registry

    in the bodrum news they are saying that anyone who wants to engage a turkish lawyer can check the turkish bar registry by asking them for their bar registration number..
  12. M

    Land Registry Tax

    Hi Our Tapu has come through at last, after more than 3 years waiting. There is a slight snag though, land registry tax of £185, I have never heard of this tax can someone confirm its above board. Thanks in advance Max PS we are in Yalikavak/Gumuskaya
  13. S

    Land registry offices?

    Can anyone tell me where the land registry offices are in Bodrum? Thanks Sara
  14. CrescentHomes

    TAKBIS:Land Registry and Cadastral Information System in Turkey

    Within the information systems, by the re-evaluation of Land Registry and Cadastre Information, it is inevitable the conversion and integration of data in the frame of standards to be defined for meeting of requirements. So, Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM) can...
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