1. bickern

    Phone Registration now 1500 TL

    The registration fee implemented on personal mobile phones purchased abroad by individuals to bring to Turkey increased three-fold to 1500 Turkish liras ($266) with a new presidential decree published Friday in the Official Gazette. The new implementation will start as of Saturday, according to...
  2. S

    New mobile phone registration help?

    Hi all, i've just seen on another site that all mobile phones have to be re-registered with residency permit/kimlik number. We are in the UK now but still keep one of our Turkish mobiles 'open' to use whilst there, we have an old residency permit with the 99 number on but we don't get messages...
  3. A

    Business Registration and KDV tax

    Hi All, Sorry if I can't find the thread but as a villa owner in Kalkan we are worried sick about this new law re registering as a business and having to pay 18% of our meagre rental income to the government. Has anyone anything to say on this? Our manager is being non-committal and from what...
  4. Marc

    285TL for Foreign phone registration

    My Daughter bought a phone whilst on holiday in Britain over the summer and wants to register it, I've never gone through this process before but read the yellali guide and previous forum posts. I went to the main Turkcell office on the main road through Didim to ask about the process and was...
  5. Neil_Denizli

    Birth Registration

    Can a birth be registered at the consulate in Bodrum, or must this be done in Istanbul or Ankara only? I tried contacting them but anable to get through ...
  6. B

    water registration gulluk

    Hello to you all.I originally registered re my water supply in April 2010 with the then water supplier TASK, I now believe AKFEN now are the water supplier.The question I am asking does anyone know if I have to re-register or do my details automatically get transferred.:15:
  7. M

    Mobile phone registration in Turkey

    Hi can anyone help ? I have a mobile regestered to my name I did this over two years ago. I have just regestered another one for my husband in my name. We did everything correctly tax office avea etc. the man in avea asked for the PIN number of the turkcell sim but it wouldn't work when the pin...
  8. Tommie

    Tapu registration

    I have my tapu and iskan and I'm paying the normal rate of council tax. I collected it at the Tapu office and got the iskan shortly afterwards. However, I have just discovered that I had paid the higher rate of council tax as my tapu had not been registered with the belediyesi. I had assumed...
  9. D

    Divorce Registration in Turkey!

    I need help desperately. I am a Turkish citizen who currently lives and works in Kuwait. I got married in 2006 and registered my marriage in Turkey thereafter which was a simple thing at the 'nufus diaresi'. My husband now ex-husband is a foreigner who lives in Kuwait. I filed for divorce in...
  10. Tommie

    Update on registration of UK phone

    New rules for registering a UK phone in Turkey were announced last week. You now have 60 days in which to register it, and you can even do it online. More....
  11. H

    Wedding help

    Hi getting married in ugust to a Turkish chappie but need help with the ceremony Does none know if they can do a English style wording etc x
  12. giglets

    Car Registration Question

    I have been asked by a friend whose wife has died, how to change her car's registration into his name so he can sell the vehicle. Has anyone any experience of this?
  13. A&P

    Registration of UK mobiles stopped ????

    Hi. We tried to register our mobile phone today at a Turkcell shop in Fethiye and were informed that it is no longer possible to register a UK phone to use beyond a 2-3 week period with a Turkish SIM. After this period, the phone becomes locked and cannot be used at all. We stated that we...
  14. Jaycey

    Registration for TLF

    At the moment I see that there are 151 site viewers of whom only 37 are members. This would suggest that 75% of all viewers have not taken the trouble to register. It doesn’t cost anything and would give them full access to the whole site. This has been puzzling me for a while – why do you...
  15. Y

    SIM card registration failed- Turkcell

    Hi, within the last week I read a post on here regarding a message 'sim card registration failed' this has happened to me also this morning. I have tried the search option but cannot find this thread/post. I've searched the last weeks posts still no joy, maybe its not an obvious title for this...
  16. T

    water meter registration

    advice please,we have got appartment on complex in altinkum and need to register water meter,my name is not on tapu it is in my wifes name if i go to belideye with tapu,wifes pasport,and tax number will i be able to register water in her name. been told water will be cut off this week as other...

    Main SGK/Yabanci Thread

    Yesterday while chatting to Sarah at the Ozel Hospital [Bodrum],she said her sidekick Deniz was reading the Hurriyet online & told her about an article on there about Yabanci's having to pay a monthly fee ,[as in the old UK national insurance], for services via the Devlet hospitals.I was told...
  18. C

    vehicle registration

    just to let people know if a yabancie buys a vehicle new or secondhand we have to go to mugla traffic office to complete forms and sign then they issue the new number plates i was told this is for everyone (yabancie) in mulga area because of problems in past with local polis offices
  19. S

    registration with your consulate

    Watching the news coming out of Egypt and now from Libya makes it quite clear how important it is to register with your respective consulate. This is a safety issue, not an invasion of privacy IMHO
  20. A

    car registration

    hi can anyone help, with finding out if your car registration belongs to you. ie when i bought my car, they gave me a mb plate, and as i have just found out that the bank has mucked up my plate no for 3 years. ie police sigorta was payed on wrong plate number, by the bank. they have now put...
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