1. Kedi Yavrusu

    Registering Rental Property

    We would like to rent out our property Bu I don't know how we go about registering it. How do we do this? and how do we pay tax on rental property? What percentage tax do we have to pay? We are new to this so thanks for any help to get us started. I would like to get everything sorted now...
  2. W

    Registering new water meter

    Going back to Turkey in a few weeks and need to get a new water meter as our old one has given up the ghost. I believe a new meter (pre pay type) can be bought at a DIY type shop and I know there is one in Yalikavak near bus station, am I correct in thinking I can get one there? Also how do I...
  3. G

    Cost of registering apartment guests in Alanya

    Hi TLF-ers We have an apartment in Alanya which we use ourselves several times a year. We do not rent out our apartment to anyone (though a couple of friends have in the past come to stay with us whilst we’re there). We do not wish to put our apartment out for short term (or long term)...
  4. G

    Registering a new uk phone in Turkey

    Hi I have been using a uk samsung phone registered to me in turkey for the last 3 years with turkish sim, my new uk smartphone is cabable of using 2 sim cards simultaneously, can I have this one registered to me instead to use when in turkey, and what does it cost? (to save carrying 2 phones)
  5. gally

    UK Mobile registering in Turkey

    Hi Can anyone tell me what the process is for registering your UK mobile in Turkey? and how much is it nowadays? Thanks
  6. M

    Registering a UK phone to use with a Turkish sim

    I have a UK passport and live in England and my partner has a Turkish passport and lives in Turkey. Just over 12 months ago, we brought a UK phone into Turkey. We registered the phone through the correct channels using my partners documents and within 30 days of him returning to Turkey - so...
  7. M

    registering my uk phone in turkey

    hi everyone please tell me how i can register my uk phone in turkey and how much it will cost i am in didim area so any addresses will be welcome
  8. W

    Registering My iPhone 5S in Turkey

    I've had conflicting advice from various other sources so wondered if anyone here could help.... I'm moving over later this year and want to register my phone when I do - I've got an unlocked iPhone 5S, bought from Apple so not tied to any network. As I understand it, I will still need to...
  9. C

    Registering a birth to unmarried couple

    Hi all, my partner (Turkish) gave birth to our son 6 days ago. We went to the Nufus office today & they said they were unable to add my name to the documents as I am not Turkish. I need the document to contain my full name to enable me to register the birth in the UK via the British consular...
  10. M

    Registering phone IMEI in Turkey after being blocked on tourist visa

    So I just arrived in Istanbul, Turkey about a week ago and will be staying here for the next 8 months. I have a friend who speaks fluent Turkish and English, so he helped me go get a phone plan for my iPhone. I always thought you had to have a permanent residency visa to register your phone...
  11. MrSimit

    Registering with a Consulate

    Good morning all. When I last lived here (in 2000) I remember registering my contact details with the consulate in Izmir. I've tried searching their website but cannot find any link or form to fill in this time round. Is anyone familiar with the process?
  12. tomc1984

    registering a mobile phone in Turkey

    I know how to register a phone and costs, but will it still work if taken back to uk with english simback in.
  13. M

    Registering mobile phone

    If I register my mobile phone in Turkey for example in Turkcell's shop. After that can I put Avea sim card to my phone? Is it working? Or Vodafone? I mean, can I use Turkcell, Avea or Vodafone sim cards? Sorry my English...I hope you undestand what I mean. Somebody just said to me only 1 sim...
  14. L

    registering marriage in London ?!

    Hi i hope someone can help, my husband and I have been married since Dec 2006, where we married in the uk. I am currently trying to find out about Turkish citizenship for myself and our children. However, I have just been reading about it on the consulates website and un known to us, we was...
  15. tomc1984

    Registering UK mobile

    I know you need to register a UK mobile for it to work properly in Turkey, but can you simply put your UK sim back in and it work on return to UK.
  16. L

    Registering UK Phone

    Does anyone know if I can registered an English mobile here in Dalaman or will I have to go to Ortaca or Fethiye? I want to use my Turkish Vodaphone sim in it. Thanks, Lesley
  17. H

    Registering a mobile phone in Turkey

    How often can you register a mobile phone in Turkey- know it used to be one a year but think I heard somewhere that changed to 1 every 2 years- anyone know for definite?
  18. M

    IMEI Registering (+mifi infomation)

    Update of process last week. We registered a device (not a phone, a mifi device but procedure is same for anything with its own IMEI number) last week. Arrived at Istanbul International terminal, in the exit foyer you will find Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone.(You can do the same at any of the...
  19. DAN62

    Advice needed - Registering Speed Boat

    Hi All, Could you please advice me how to register my speed boat in Delaware. Thanks
  20. Bibby

    Registering for healthcare in Uzumlu

    Anyone living in Uzumlu, in possession of Residence permit can register at the clinic for healthcare. All you need is your Residence Permit (they will photocopy the first 3 pages) and later you will be given a new number. It doesn't matter if you have registered before as this is something...
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