1. K

    Registered my imei - now my phone isn’t working

    Hi all, I bought a Turkish simcard last Friday, put it in my phone, it didn’t work. Turns out my phone wasn’t unlocked. Got it unlocked, put my Turkish simcard in, worked! Fab! Get the “you have 120” days message, yep no problem. Registered my phones imei the next day and paid the tax office...
  2. D

    Leaving a Turkish registered motorbike in an EU country.

    Hi good folk, Has anybody left a Turkish registered vehicle/ motorbike in an EU country and then had problems getting back into Turkey? We left Turkey on the motorbike so it was checked out of the country at the Turkish/Bulgaria border. We have had problems with the bike and wish to fly back...
  3. T

    UK registered car wanted

    UK Registered car wanted Hi, we're looking to buy a UK registered car that anyone has driven into the country but now needs to leave Turkey because of time restrictions.
  4. D

    UK Registered VAN Wanted

    UK registered van wanted. LWB Hi top, not Luton.
  5. Helenm150

    Car not registered UK?

    A few weeks ago, I bought a car in the UK (Nissan Note) but having had it for a while I just find it too big for me and now want to sell it and look for something smaller (Citreon C1). Anyway, the strangest thing has just happened - a couple came to look at it and went away to think it through...
  6. fozzi

    MA plate car and getting the vehicle registered in your own name

    Hi all, advice needed please. What is involved in buying a MA plate car and getting the vehicle registered in your own name, all advice welcome.
  7. T

    Quickest registered post?

    Can anyone tell me the quickest way to send a registered letter from England to Turkey please? Someone mentioned aps but I don't know what this is. Can anyone help?
  8. G

    British registered car wanted

    Looking for a British registered car to drive back to the uk , anyone driven over recently and wants to sell their car we would be very interested . Needs to be of decent size , 3 adults and 2 dogs going ....
  9. Y

    Registered package disappeared -what to do?

    A package was sent to me by registered post from outside Turkey on 9th March. The online tracking of the Turkish PTT shows that it arrived at the Fethiye PTT on 28 March. Then states it was not delivered to the recipient successfully. I spoke to my postman about this, as I assumed I had been...
  10. S

    For Sale - Bulgarian Registered Van

    If anyone is relocating to Bulgaria we have a bulgarian registered Opel Combo van for sale. Very reliable, economical and plenty of space for pets, luggage etc. If you would like any further details please PM me.
  11. S

    Do you want a British Registered 9mt yacht

    After a year of arguments, this yacht is back on the market. Can be seen Gumsan Gumusluk.
  12. M

    Turkish Registered Car MC Plate for sale in the UK

    Turkish Registered Car MC Plate for sale in the UK Available 1st week in June M.O.T till May 2012 Full service history 2005 fiat 1.4. 65000 kilometres, 6 months Green card so it can come back to Turkey Air con, air bags, finger tip control CD. Radio, 4 new tyres new battery £2000 but open to...
  13. C

    Look at Japan ..Not registered with your consulate?

    Not registered with your consulate? ... the nitty gritty.. Think of these words from a consular officer (just one country xxxx) “….thousands of others in Japan have not registered with the Government. "Not only do we try and find those who have registered which is much easier - we have contact...
  14. A

    uk registered citreon c5 for sale

    hi we have a 2002 citreon c5 mileage 63 ,000 miles for sale needs to leave turkey mid november . Anyone interested please pm me .
  15. alison09400

    Are you registered with your Muhtar?

    How many expats register with their Muhtar? When saying "registered", you go and declare yourself as the present tenant at the address you're living at. This is especially iimportant for expats who live in Turkey permanently. In the event of a death and having to pay inheritance tax, the...
  16. S11AUN

    Just registered

    Hi all, I have just registered and would like to say a BIG HELLO!!! I am married to "Mumps" an we live in Suffolk. We are in the middle of buying an apartment in Yalikavak near to the marina and can't wait!!. We will be back in Yali on the 27th Dec for a week, what is it like over the...
  17. R

    taking an EU registered car to turkey

    I have an apartment in Didim and I would like to retire there in August. I want to take my car with me but I am not a Turkish resident. Can anyone tell me how I go about this procedure? I would be most grateful for any help. I am British but I am living in Spain at the moment so my car is LHD.
  18. Hadice

    Newly registered friend

    Hello everyone I'm new here, I was searching for things related to Turkish drama via Google & I found this site by coincidence it got my attention , I registered quickly.. About me I'm an Arabic female living on earth..I like meeting people from different cultures, learning new languages, new...
  19. L

    English Mobile thats been registered with Turkcell

    Help..... I was in Bodrum on the 12th September 2009 and I went to buy yet again another Turkcell sim card to use in my Nokia mobile which is unlocked. My mobile phone was authorised to be registered and i was told in a few days or may be up to a week the registration would be completed but...
  20. keny

    driving a turkish registered car from turkey to UK and back.

    Hello All, I have searched the forum for answers to my queiry without success.I am wondering if I need international insurance to drive across Europe to UK and back to Turkey after keeping the car in the UK for 6 months?Or, can you drive across europe with Turkish insurance?Has...
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