1. R

    Do I need to register and inspect a 50cc scooter

    Buying a 50cc moped scooter Anyone know a good quality 50cc bike? My motorcycle license is expired. Looking at some small models for around town. Would like an affordable model. Not familiar with scooters and moped models and brand quality.
  2. Ivbin Dunne

    how to register with Aydem

    hello all, this is driving me nuts, i want to register/become an online member of Aydem so that i can see & keep track of my bills online when im not in Turkey i have got as far as the page that lets you choose private individual or corporate, clicked on "Üye Olmak İstiyorum" which i understand...
  3. G

    Cost of using a company to register guests

    Moved to Alanya forum
  4. Marc

    Register your phone completely online (even tax for Garanti and IsBank customers)

    Ok so I needed to register a phone and had heared some horror stories about other shops doing it and prices ranging from 200tl - 300tl. A Turkish friend of mine told me I should do it online using the governement E-devlet site, after a bit more research I found a great article HERE which I...
  5. S

    Register English phone.

    Hi I posted a few months ago about registering a English mobile in Turkey. Do I take the phone with my passport and tax number to the tax office first, then take the proof of this to the phone shop for them then to register it to the turkish mobile number. I know you have to do this within 30...
  6. S

    English I phone register.

    I registered a phone in July 2011 with no problem. I then bought an I phone over in March and registered it for my son inlaw , it didnt work. Then came over in may to try and do it again. Still not working is it because it has to go past the date in July 2013 to be the 2 years up that I did the...
  7. gally

    How much to register a mobile in Turkey?

    Hi, does anyone know how much it costs nowadays to register a UK mobile out here? I already have a turkcell sim card but my turkish nokia is about to fall apart. My UK mobile is already unlocked. :thanks:
  8. F

    Register mifi

    Hi, Will I have to go to the tax office and register an unlocked mifi which I intend to bring to Turkey and use with a Turkish sim card. Thanks.
  9. D

    How to register a mobile phone in Turkey

    I don't know if this has been covered here or not yet. But now if you bring a mobile phone into Turkey! not only do you need a stamp in your passport that isn't more than a month old, but now you have to go to your local tax office and pay 100tl. Get a receipt and then go to the mobile shop...
  10. Gill

    Sim failed to register

    In September I was asked to mind a SIM to keep it going, I was told to use it within 3 months, so today I've put it into 2 different Turkish mobile phones, it accepts the PIN number but then says the SIM has failed to register. All the contacts are still ther so I assume there is nothing wrong...
  11. S

    registration with your consulate

    Watching the news coming out of Egypt and now from Libya makes it quite clear how important it is to register with your respective consulate. This is a safety issue, not an invasion of privacy IMHO
  12. P

    Sex offenders register.

    Doesn't it make you sick,that illustrious group NONCES R US win again. BBC News - Sex offender registration appeals to go ahead
  13. C

    Transfer Electric Meter

    What documents are needed to transfer electricity into your own name? Do you have to pay for the name transfer?
  14. C

    Stranded Brits in Turkey should register

    "Stranded Britons should contact their local embassy, high commission or consulate. " you may have missed this end quote from BBC News - UK plans volcano ash cloud chaos response But very practical advice for those people stranded in Turkey -especially those not with tour operators, please...
  15. Rainey

    Do I have to register my dogs somewhere?

    I will be bringing my dogs over at some point can some one tell me if I have to register them with the local authority.
  16. E

    Help my Friend to Register please

    Hello, A friend here in Cesme/Izmir is trying to register on Turkish Living. After completing the registration process, he is told that the administrator has banned his email address and should contactg the Administrator! The email to the Administrator is returned as permanently...
  17. Martyn

    Register your property here - free

    Register your personal property here - free It's used by the police to trace property found. It might help to catch the scumbags who burgle your house etc.
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