1. gally

    Regional TV

    Hi Are there any sites for watching "Regional" UK TV? I have no problem watching live TV (FilmOn, TV Catchup etc) or ITVPlayer, through UKTV Access VPN but for news It's always London News. I know STV player gives you scottish news but I'd like to watch Meridian news (live). It's really only...
  2. S

    Where are the Turkish regional black spots?

    Continuing on from a thread in which I mentioned experiences good and bad in my own area- where are the dodgy/ to be avoided burgs in your neck of the woods? We always hear of each areas highlights but where are the tacky, " to be avoided" areas in your Turkish realm.
  3. Firebrand

    Regional governor attacked when visiting Uludere

    Uludere Kaymakam?na linç giri?imi! - Haber Videolar? - Habertürk Video I wonder what the reaction would have been if Erdogan has visited?
  4. A

    Lord Howell speaks about Turkey's role as a key regional and global power..

    Turkey, its neighbours and Europe 25 March 2011 - Lord Howell speaks about Turkey's role as a key regional and global power. An accurate or deluded account?
  5. ceemac

    Turkish goat and sheep plague poses regional threat

    A highly contagious plague affecting farm animals has broken out in Turkey near the Bulgarian border, Bulgarian Dnevnik daily reported on March 4 2010. Here C
  6. W

    regional meetings

    hi i have an ideal that i would like to put to all you members how about having a meeting in the uk on a regular basis so we can all meet and get to know each other. we could have a turkish night, food etc it could be done on a regional scale say everyone in wales south west england etc...
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