1. G

    Recommend a Solicitor - Bodrum region

    I have had a home now in Yalikavak for 6 years now but would like to appoint a highly recommended Solicitor for the future. My current one has been appalling and even moved office and changed phone numbers without even informing me! Thank you.
  2. Sha Hoorsur

    British soldiers to Syrian region

    It was with no little dismay that I reading in the newspaper the powers that be say they can't rule out sending British troops to help stabilise the region affected by the Syrian conflict. What I want to know is, why do we have to send soldiers there. Why does the West always have to be the...
  3. E

    Private Schools in Mugla region...

    Hi Everyone, I understand that there are some private schools, in and around the Mugla region? I am specifically looking around Dalyan/Ortaca for Private Nurserys and Primary schools, does anyone know of any?... If so how much does it cost to send your child there? Thanks for any help! Ellie
  4. S

    Villa rental in side region

    Hello, just wondering if anyone has a 3/4 bedroom villa to rent from the 4th to 25th July. Must have private pool, peaceful location and be within easy reach to restaurants and bars. Preferably with mountain/ sea views. Our party is 3 adults and 2 kids. Many thanks... Steve.
  5. S

    House Builders in Fethiye region

    Hi All My wife and I have just recently sold our apartment in Ovacik which we bought new 6 years ago. We are thinking of building a small 2-3 bedroom house on some land we have in Kemer a small village about 20 mins from Fethiye. We would like to contact some recommended builders to give us...
  6. B

    antalya region Vs Bodrum

    I have never been to the Antlayan region I used to own a property in Turgutreis up to 2 years ago . Tugutreis I love very much. I would like someone to sell me on the idea of coming to the Turkish Riviera ie : the Antalyan region rather than consider going back to Turgutreis where my ex still...
  7. B

    Turkish lessons in Side region

    Hi everybody, If anyone is interested in learning Turkish, PM me and i will give you the contact details of my Turkish teacher who is very good. I took the course at the Side Gençlik merkezi 2 years ago. He also does private lessons in the Side region. So, you could gather a few friends to...
  8. Yildez Datca

    Police survey, Mugla region

    The Customs police in Datca have been directed by Mugla to call foreigners with residence permits that state "Retired" to find out their profession prior to retirement. I believe this is happening throughout the Mugla region, not quite sure why! So, if you live in Datca and get a call from...
  9. C

    Children in the SE region find celebrating the holiday difficult

    Some hope for children of Turkey? All for the want of a balloon on Turkey's Children's Day - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  10. ceemac

    Turkey will open consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan region in May

    The Turkish consul said the usage of the word ‘Kurdistan region’ is not a problem. “As long if the word is used together with Iraq,” Here C
  11. GnD

    Recommendations for HIFI shop in Muğla region

    Is anyone aware of a reliable/knowledgeable Hifi retailer in the Muğla region? We need to get something that we can plug the iPod into which has separate speakers, so the sound quality is decent. Buying here and taking over will be too cumbersome and may easily get damaged.
  12. ceemac

    Three die in floods in Turkey's Mediterranean region

    Monday’s storm and floods in western Anatolia led to the deaths of three people and the disappearance of two others in the southern holiday spot of Antalya, news agencies reported. Here C
  13. R

    Letting Agents in the Side/Manavgat region

    Good Afternoon, my name is Robin and I have read this forum for many months and offer my thanks for all the help I have received to date. I own a three-bed duplex in Manavgat, which is furnished, and overlooks the river which runs through the centre of the city. Could anyone assist by suggesting...
  14. lilacdiana

    Large villa wanted in Antalya region for holiday let Aug 2010

    Hi we are looking for a villa for a 2 week holiday next August. Must sleep at least 10 and have a private pool! We are a family group with 3 children and 7 adults. Many thanks Di:roundgrin
  15. W

    Dvd player multi region hack

    Does anyone have a hack code for my BEKO DVD Player?? Its a BEKO ESS-1300 and i am desperate to find a hack code to turn it into a multi-region DVD Player!Ive trolled through the internet with no joy so i thought i would turn it over to the TL brains lol! If anyone can help it would be...
  16. R

    Please! Help to find river or lake near Antalya region for go fish trout!!!

    Hello! Please, help to find river or lake near Antalya region for go fish trout!!!
  17. L

    Storms in Bodrum Region !!!

    I dont want to worry you owners of property in the Bodrum region who are in the UK ....BUT there have been very heavy storms and rain. Many of the properties we manage and check after such weather has some water damage. In one brand new built property & newly furnished, it took 4 hours to sweep...
  18. Lindy

    Broadband Internet access in Fethiye region

    How easy is it to get broadband internet access in the Fethiye region? If so is it more than 56K? Any info on this subject will be gratefully received. Linda:)
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