1. A

    Brutal Erdogan regime approved

    Intelligence law accepted in parliament here after all opponents who against RTE will be wipe out. This law approve of dictatorship regime. For naive people; do not worry Erdogan regime will not eliminate all opponents tomorrow, Gradually in time. This law give unlimited authority/ power and...
  2. suzyq

    Visa free regime with Greek islands no picnic for travelers

    Greece, which has been working with EU officials to remove visa requirements for Turkish tourists at some of its islands in the Aegean Sea, on Wednesday officially launched a no-visa regime for five islands, but reports from passengers, tourism agencies and travelers indicate that formalities...
  3. A

    WikiLeaked: Ex-Blackwater ‘helps regime change’ in Syria

    A US government-contracted private security firm is helping the Syrian opposition to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad regime, leaked Stratfor emails indicate. The same firm earlier operated extensively in Libya. The private military company SCG International had been contracted to engage the...
  4. T

    The thievish regime

    Georgia cleans out its partners. We often hear Georgian rhetoric about creation of Caucasian democracy, about a long-ranged partnership with Azerbaijan and Turkey... But the real facts are that Georgia leading by Saakashvili & Merabishvili just steals its partners’ money. In the framework of...
  5. PASH

    Gaddafi regime has just annouced a complete ceasefire

    Just heard on the news from the Libyan Foreign Minister that an immediate ceasefire has been called and no military action will go ahead against the rebels - Sounds like calling his bluff may have worked!!
  6. bickern

    Turkey presses EU harder for visa-free regime

    Turkey, a candidate to join the EU, says its nationals must be able to travel to EU countries without first obtaining a visa. The EU has insisted on a series of preconditions, including Turkey’s introduction of biometric passports in line with EU standards and the signing of a readmission...
  7. Mushtaq

    Kılıçdaroğlu vows to solve scarf issue, says secular regime not under threat

    Kılıçdaroğlu vows to solve scarf issue, says secular regime not under threat Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who is currently on a visit to Germany, has renewed an earlier pledge to lift the notorious ban on the use of the Muslim headscarf in the public sphere in...
  8. KKOB

    A New Regime

    I don't know the origin of this article. I've "stolen" it from another forum and checked it against Snopes for a possible hoax. A maverick Mayor elected after promising to slash council spending, clear the streets of yobs and ditch politically correct services is the torchbearer for how towns...
  9. merlin

    Is it time to start a new pricing regime?

    Many of the posts we see on the forum are from members who have purchased properties but are unaware of the full costs involved to completion. Sometimes these costs escalate. I dont see the problem selling a property to a customer with all completion costs they would normally incur included in...
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