1. hijo

    Turkish Reg Plates

    Hi Guys some advice please,today I bought a Ford Connect from a Turkish Freind,done all the Notary bit I just take the plates to Aydin or the car ..also what are the costs in changing to M plate..if someone has recently done this..TIA.....
  2. D

    Taking Turkish reg m/bike into southern cyprus via northern Cyprus

    Hello All, Attending a wedding in Pafos mid October and have booked the Tasuçu-Girne ferry. Does anybody know if there are restrictions on Turkish registered vehicles crossing into southern Cyprus from the north? Kind Regards, Dicky
  3. T

    UK reg Car For Sale In Turkey

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this is the right place but I am selling my UK reg car here in Turkey near Izmir... Car can be driven here up to 9 months and further if needed. Mercedes CLK 320 CDI Sports Coupe 135k Black with with Australian Walnut colour full leather interior full service...
  4. gally

    Length of stay of UK reg car?

    Hi Does anybody know how long I can keep a UK reg car over here? I guess its not a problem to bring a car over on holiday but how long can you actually keep it over here before going back? Is there some sort of 'work around' to keep one over here for say 6 months? Thanks for any info.
  5. C

    new car reg in fethiye

    hi i am looking at buying a new car in fethiye, the garage said i can register it there, but last year i was told all new reg is now done at mulga,if anyone has purcased a new car recently can you please confirm if its fethiye or mulga thank you
  6. ted j

    Reg Presley of Troggs dies

    Reg presley frontman of the Troggs and singer of such classics as Love is all around and Wild thing, dies aged 71 from cancer RIP Reg Presley dies: The Troggs frontman and 'Wild Thing' singer, 71, dead after cancer battle | Mail Online
  7. Fuzzy

    Taking a Turkish reg car to UK

    Would anybody know what the situation is regarding if you drive your Turkish registered car over to the UK and want to keep it there ? is it easy to change the plates ? easy to sell it there ? Thanks for any replies Fuzzy
  8. M

    For sell ford transit van 2000 uk reg.92000 mil

    Hi I am selling my FORD TRANSIT 260 SWB very good condition uk reg. We just move to ALANYA with this one and we don't need any more if any body going back to uk.£1500 Ono.thanks My mobile is 0545 2431578
  9. K

    Vauxhall Vivaro Uk Reg.

    Advertising for a neighbour Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 diesel 02 plate in VGC, (Transit size) The van was driven into Turkey 31st May, so has to be out by end of November. Offers around £1,795 Fethiye Mark
  10. D

    uk reg car in Turkey

    hi- I am looking for any knowledge of Turkish custom laws re taking UK reg cars in and out of the country. I drive over from UK to Turkey twice per year for 8 week stays. My passport stamp currently states that I can keep the car in Turkey until 3rd January 2011. However I need to return to the...
  11. richbake

    Taking a Turkish reg car out of the country

    I wondered if anyone knew of any impediments to prevent Turk registered cars being taken out of the country? I am so used to a welter of pettifogging laws in Turkey that I wouldn't be surprised if I had to get the thing an exit-visa as the Turks themselves have to; nothing much surprises me here...
  12. catweazle

    Transfering Scooter Reg

    Hi, has anyone tranfered ownership of a brit owned scooter (MA Plates) to another brit, i have heard lots of different stories of what costs are involved and even what the process is, some ranging from 150tl to 600tl. if it is 600tl then surely half the time it is not worth selling a scooter...
  13. M

    Ford Transit Long Wheel Base UK Reg FOR SALE

    Anyone thought about driving home? We have a Ford Transit for sale. Uk Plates MOT until May 2010 Please contact me for more details
  14. B

    British reg car for sale

    Anybody fancy a drive to England. I have a Rover 75 for sale it has to be out of Turkey on the 22nd of May. I havnt got the time to drive to England but will if I cant sell, I have only had the car in Turkey for three months (should have been six months) but the customs at Marmaris say it must...
  15. chelsea boy

    channel 5 reg 2 gone.....

    seems we are just get a test signal and it's moved to 2c on a horizontal band...... is there anyway of getting the horizontals in turkey?
  16. A

    british reg car

    Hi Everyone, I hope you can help me with this one. I have a british registered car which i brought to turkey and used it for 6 months ,now its in kos and i want to find out whether i could sell it here in turkey or not?Can i change the plates to turkish? Please somebody help me. Thanks.
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