1. Yalides

    Buck house refurb

    £370 mil for a facelift. Don`t worry that you may need expensive cancer treatment that the NHS can`t afford. Much more important that royalty don`t see too much peeling paint.
  2. S

    Bakery refurb

    Both for my own info PLUS to make non Uzumluites jealous-has the bread shop/cafe refurbishment been completed yet? Yip its all go in Uzumlu-Vegas eat your heart out Could even be our local tourism slogan-Come to Uzumlu-we sell loaves
  3. K

    re-furb at ova resort Hisaronu

    could any one tell me if the re-furb at the ova resort is complete ? i have been told they have added a second pool, but cant find out if this is true,:thanks
  4. J

    New or Refurb?

    Hi to everybody in the Forum! I have been reading some of the Posts on here, & find it very informative. I am looking to purchase a holiday property on either the Agean or Meditteranean Coasts in the next 2/3 Months, & wondered whether anybody out there has experience of purchasing a Refurbished...
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