1. christella

    easy jet refunds

    6. Easyjet refund trick - get the difference if the price drops If you've booked a flight with Easyjet, check the price afterwards to see if it drops. The airline's little-known price promise guarantees that if you do find the same flight for less after booking, you'll get the difference back...
  2. saffie

    Tax refunds on imported furniture

    I have done a search but can't find what I'm looking for so was hoping someone might have the info I'm looking for. I have recently been told that tax paid on furniture and belongings imported to Turkey from the Uk can be reclaimed after a certain period. I was sorting some old paperwork and...
  3. D

    Aegean Flights Credit Card Refunds

    Hi.Just wondered if anyone else is still waiting to have money refunded by their credit card provider after the collapse of Aegean in August.Still waiting for mine from Santander.
  4. R

    Goldtrail/A1 Travel - refunds yet?

    Are there any other members still awaiting a refund from A1 Travel after the Goldtrail collapse last year. We were due to travel on the 22nd July 2010, literally days after the collapse hit the headlines on the 17th July. We duly filled in all the appropriate paperwork and posted it off on the...
  5. mrkeith

    Tax refunds from airlines

    This link shows how airlines are making money by not refunding airport taxes to people that miss flights or can't fly or making the admin costs to prohibitive : BBC News - Airlines 'fail to refund taxes' says Which?
  6. maggie

    Cancellation refunds.

    When regarding bookings if you were due to depart between the 15th - 21st April and from the UK, we will be automatically cancelling and refunding these bookings in full. The refund will reach your account within 7 working days depending on your bank. If you wish to...
  7. Andy

    Airline refunds

    For all those that were charged extra when BA & Virgin hiked prices between 11 August 2004 and 23 March 2006 , you can now get a refund. See Here Good Luck if 1 of those was you
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