1. A89

    electricity refund

    Someones told me that when you sell an apartment here you should get a 200tl refund from Electricity company. Does anyone know if thats correct? alison
  2. suecheshireuk

    Not a scam. Tax refund.

    Well, after the recent thread regarding scams offering a tax refund, well we have just received a tax refund and thiis is how it actually happened. A letter went to our registered address in the UK saying Anthony has overpaid tax, telling us how much and why he is owed the refund, showing us...
  3. B

    Refund on turkish car insurance

    Hi We brought our UK car into Turkey at the beginning of February and are due to take the car back out of the country within the next few days. Upon entering Turkey we had to pay the Turkish car insurance which was for 3 months, however we are leaving again after only a few weeks and will not...
  4. E

    UK Airport DUTY FREE - your vat refund

    Who got their hands on it? Airport VAT row: customers threaten not to show boarding passes | Politics | The Guardian
  5. L

    flight refund

    Has anyone ever had a flight to Turkey come down in price and then been offered a refund of the difference? and if so who was the airline?
  6. H

    Tax Refund Notification - Warning !

    We received an email from HMRC yesterday informing that we are owed a tax refund in the sum of £418.33 GBP. Click here etc etc. We went to our local HMRC office who told us to forward the letter to We have now received a reply to confirm that it is a scam and that...
  7. J

    Gas Bottles - refund??

    May seem a strange question, but as I know you always pay more for your very first gas bottle, if you have a spare one empty can you return that and get some money back??!!!
  8. R

    Refund of electric meter if you sell up

    does anybody know if this is true, you tell aydem you've sold and you want meter refund and you get about 200/250tl refund, any help appreciated
  9. F

    Aegean Flights / Hols 4 U / Refund

    Just thought I would post a bit of positive news. Has been great hearing of all the refunds received by people who lost their flights / hol with the above providers. Seems though a lot of people paid by credit card and therefore were refunded by their bank. I, however, paid for flights...
  10. M

    Tax Refund

    Warning! I have just received a very official looking email from "HM Revenue and Customs" telling me I have overpaid tax to the tune of £268.50. It goes on to give a clicked link to "your bank details" so that this overpayment can be paid back. Quite apart from the fact that I do not pay tax...
  11. G

    ATOL refund

    Hi, good news. we got the money for our lost Goldtrail flights refunded into our bank account from ATOL on friday. It didn't take as long as we expected and in time for our holiday next month. geraldine
  12. tinkycarol

    Refund of taxes on a cancelled flight

    Hi all I have never had to cancel a flight (yet) but I read a letter on the money 'problem page' in the Daily Mail yesterday, Wednesday 12/8/09, which gave me food for thought and may be of interest to others. I do not know how to do a link so I will type it below. (I think/hope the above...
  13. merlin

    Where is Lastminute's price-match refund?

    On the case (travel telegraph UK) Gill Charlton answers questions on flight price-matching, airline seat pitches, Florida villas and car collection systems. A Reader writes and enquires.... At the end of May, I purchased two Excel Airways flights to Dalaman in Turkey through
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