1. S

    Tapu: Shall I take the red one or blue

    So I want to know what kind of 'rabbit-hole' I will end up in trying to buy a villa in Turkey... An estate agent who was trying to win me over (I guess) said take the blue one because you will then own the land. Common sense tell me he is right, but is it worth the premium in price? Kat...
  2. bickern

    Red Arrows’ longest serving pilot retires

    Falklands pilot steps down after 2500 flights. The longest-serving Red Arrows pilot ever - who flew the Tornado F3 over the Falklands and for the Queen in this year's RAF 100 celebrations - has retired. Ten years and 2,585 flights after his first day, Squadron Leader Mike Ling has flown 29...
  3. Camden

    What is Happening in the Red Sea area?

    Why the sudden interest in the Red Sea area? with a flurry of building military bases and ports, with Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, the UAE and the US all doing so, in a build-up of military presence. Also a rash of outlying islands swops. Now being followed by Turkey, with the Sudanese...
  4. bickern

    British Muslims handed out 3000 red roses

    People walking on London Bridge today were given 3,000 red roses in a show of solidarity and love. The beautiful idea was arranged by British Muslims who wanted to do something to help after eight people died in a terror attack last weekend. Each rose carried ‘messages of love to the world’...
  5. S

    Red stars

    I see Turkey has got its first female Wing Commander now and she is top gun with the Turkish Red Stars. That's quite an achievement imo, well done that lady. I have seen the Red Stars give a display twice now once in Calis beach and once at Olu deniz. Both were fabulous performances.
  6. mollag

    Red Tops Rule.

    Where to go for honest accurate reporting, why the Red Tops. This from the Mirror, distorting Mirror i reckon. ISIS has reportedly published a map showing its strongholds around the world - and the Isle of Man appears to have been included. In the graphic used by the Daily Mirror the Island...
  7. Tenpin

    ŞÖMİNE SOBA 5111 Red

    Located in Kusadasi. Genuine reason for sale. Only used for one winter, not used this winter. Price 600 TL ŞÖMİNE SOBA 5111 Red Top Oven to cook bread etc Enamel surfaces Burns all types of solid fuel Fire brick structure Large easy to empty and clean ashtray Flame viewing window...
  8. A

    Red Bananas Soon On Sale

    Alanya's red bananas will be on sale soon for 7 TL per kilo Apparently they taste a lot like raspberries...
  9. N

    mxpro box using red yellow white leads

    Hi all i have a 42 tv it does not have hdmi socket so i connect my box via red yellow and white leads straight from box to tv trouble is picture allways appears more to the right of the screen and not dead centre when i connect to my other tv via hdmi lead picture stays in the middle any...
  10. yalimart

    Red card

    Trabzonspor lock referee in after Gaziantepspor draw BBC Sport - Trabzonspor lock referee in after Gaziantepspor draw Disgraceful Martin
  11. R

    The red PR folder

    I am about to dip my toes into the PR mill pond in Didim. I have read in some of the posts that I need a red folder in which to place all my documentation. Do I still need to get one? Do I need one each for my wife and myself? Where would you suggest I can buy them from in Didim? Thank you in...
  12. B

    Des, and RED HAIR

    BBC News - The people with the reddest hair in the world I just thought that this might interest you Des. Bill.
  13. C

    Red Sofa bed & 50cm tv for sale gumuskaya near gumusluk.

    Hi, Red sofa bed great condition 200 tl ono 50 cm tv , make schaub lorenz 100 tl ono buyer to collect . If intrested pm me. Thank you.
  14. bal canavar

    Red Crescent

    The head of the Red Crescent Istanbul Organization Ilhami Yildirim Twittered in regarding the death of a protester " Live quietly like a DONKEY or you will get the hell out" after the death of UGUR KURT hit by a stray bullet while attending a funeral What a insensitive message from the...
  15. M

    Red vented bulbul?

    A few weeks back I saw a bird that I´ve not seen before ,I just caught a quick glimpes and all I saw was red under the tail .Today I saw it again so tried to I.D it and all I´ve come up with is the red vented bulbul.All I can describe it as is greyish with the red as I´ve said . Does anyone else...
  16. Yalides

    Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood

    There once was a young person named Little Red Riding Hood who lived on the edge of a large forest full of endangered owls and rare plants that would probably provide a cure for cancer if only someone took the time to study them. Red Riding Hood lived with a nurture giver whom she sometimes...
  17. shirleyanntr

    Merry xmas to Red Thumbs and Green thumbs

    all the very best those (seven) who (wrongly) red thumbed me :100pd: and the same best to those (thousands) who rightfully gave me a thumbs up :50: Merry Christmas
  18. shirleyanntr

    red lipstick forbidden

    have you heard the latest..THY are stopping the cabin crew from wearing red lippy and nail varnish plus other restrictions. i agree too much makeup isnt good ..still ... is this a sign of the times or on the other hand is it right to tone things down a bit what do you think actually this...
  19. Yalides

    Red sky

    Scary red sky over Gumuskaya this evening.
  20. kemerkid

    White or Red.

    I’m sitting here at home alone and have just taken a bottle of wine from the portmanteau. I know there are a lot of wine drinkers on the forum and many have their preferences for labels but apart from the usual ‘white wine for white meat and fish red wine for red meat’ I was thinking about the...
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