1. bickern

    The Sun records a loss of £68m

    The Sun recorded a loss of £68m last year amid falling print sales and the enormous cost of phone-hacking claims against its parent company from figures including Sir Elton John and Heather Mills. Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers, which publishes the Sun and retains liability for the...
  2. MrSimit

    National Insurance Contribution Records

    My wife is Turkish and has been told that the contributions she made when living in the UK may be added to her SGK/Bağ-Kur contributions and count towards her retirement. I've had a search online but am struggling to find the correct avenue in which to search. Does anyone have any experience...
  3. K

    SGK and your confidential medical records.

    If you are a member of SGK are you aware that according to the posting below, your medical records are not confidential? There is a campaign circulating to stop insecure collection of your personal information. I am posting both the Turkish and the google translation for you all to read...
  4. D

    Notarised Condominium Records - A query

    I am trying to verify the figures relating to our condominium expenses. There is not much co-operation, so it would help me to know the following: When the Condominium book of expenses is taken for Notarising, the Act says that the vouchers (receipts and bills) should be with it. Does anyone...
  5. KKOB

    Records That Guinness Forgot

    The world records Guinness forgot Mail Online
  6. merlin

    Turkey: shares, lira, foreign reserves hit records....

    Short-term financial capital, or “hot money,” last week helped Turkey achieve a number of records: Inflation fell to levels unheard of in the last 30 years in July; the Istanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB) National 100 Index exceeded the 30,000 level for the first time; central bank foreign...
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