1. S

    Record breakers

    So whilst people oft ( rightly ) see politics in the North of Ireland as boring sectarian tribal etc- we are at least on track for a European record!!! The longest any state/ statelet has continued without a functioning " govt" is 580 days- a record set by Belgium This cesspit has now clocked...
  2. Jaycey

    A New World Record!

    An eagle's flight from the top of the world's tallest building to his handler below. The eagle was fitted with a camera and released from the top of the 2,715 foot Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai. The eagle has no idea where the tiny speck of land was that his handler is standing on or what it...
  3. E

    Criminal record certificate

    Hi, I need this for a job interview. Does anybody know where I could get it? Police? Belediyesi? Other place? And if so, would anybody know how long it takes? Thanks for any help guys.
  4. C

    Criminal record and Resident Permit Application

    I am looking to apply for my first time short term resident permit but I see some people have been asked for a criminal record check. When I was 16 I was arrested and given a referral order I am now 20 so this is now spent would I still have a chance of being accepted?
  5. suzyq

    Lira at record low

    The Turkish lira hit a record low and stocks tumbled 3 percent on Aug. 13 after coalition talks between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) ended negatively, setting the stage for a snap election. “It’s not clear when elections...
  6. beyazbayan

    Setting the record straight

    İ use the name Beyazbayan - this is a decriptive name as İ am an albino and find it very upsetting when people assume i am being racist. İf people have questions İ would prefer they ask me directly not gossip in a bitchy way behind my back.
  7. bickern

    Criminal record checks BANNED on foreign murderers and rapists

    Asylum seekers and refugees applying to be minicab drivers are exempt from criminal records checks, potentially allowing murderers and rapists to get behind the wheel. Rules laid down by Transport for London (TfL) mean refugees and those applying for asylum do not have to reveal whether they...
  8. bickern

    TL Exchange, Ouch

    What happened, lira slowly getting stronger and now it drops back again. Any one have an idea why? It cant be due to the swipe at the media this weekend surely.
  9. bal canavar

    World Record for Wrong Reason

    Turkey may win a Guiness book of records entry , for the largest leaders residence , palace in the world . The new AK Palace or the White house (oh the irony) beat the Kremlin , The Vatican , and Buckingham Palace for size . Built in the Ottoman Style befitting our Sultan . I just wonder if...
  10. christella

    First record you bought

    Mine was apache still one of the best old time recordings
  11. Spurs

    Criminal record but keep your job

    Am I reading this right? An MP can get nicked for criminal activities but still keep his job. Beggars belief if that's what they mean.
  12. T

    first record

    Can you remember the first record you owned? When we were children our parents bought us a Decca record player with 2 records the records were: Let's Twist Again chubby checker She loves you the Beatles. Beatles - She Loves You - YouTube What was your first record(s) We used to buy...
  13. suzyq

    Turkey to pay record compensation

    Turkey to pay record compensation to Greek Cypriots: ECHR - INTERNATIONAL
  14. B

    World record set.

    60 years ago today that Roger Bannister became the first man to break 4 minutes for running the mile, a fantastic effort that opened up the way for others to go even faster. Bill.
  15. immac

    Turkish Lira Near Record Low

    From Zaman: Turkish lira hovers near record low on graft probe 23 December 2013 /REUTERS, İSTANBUL Turkey's lira hovered near a record low on Monday, hammered by domestic political tensions and the US Federal Reserve's decision to start trimming its monetary stimulus programme. The market...
  16. christella

    heard of this record

    my name is mr dumpty you can call me humpty we just come back fro turkey and listen to virgin radio a lot and they was always playing this record but not heard of it in England anybody know the name of it
  17. F

    Musti's: Setting the Record Straight-Rebuttal to FB Postings

    I wanted to clarify a situation that may have come to your attention thru FB, TLF or the gossip channels and set the record straight (at least from my perspective) about developments at Musti's Yalikavak. I was going to post the below comment on Mustis Facebook site. Unfortunately my brother...
  18. Ian2006

    Can you buy a digi box that can record?

    Hi - does anyone know if you can buy a digibox - NEXT / GOLDSTAR etc that has a hard disk and will allow you to record? I have looked through the TEKNOSA web site but cannot seem to find one. If so what is the Turkish name for such a box?
  19. mollag

    Manx TT Record

    Having lived with motorbikes and racing most of my life, i never developed a great interest in following the TT's, but i was sent this vid of a local Rally champ attempting a circuit record in a car on closed roads----Jeez its Awsome!:eek: real petrol head stuff-----enjoy Subaru Isle of Man...
  20. Mushtaq

    World skinny dipping record attempted in Wales

    Hundreds of people strip off and jump into the freezing cold sea off the Welsh coast in an effort to break the world record for a naked dip. The mass skinny dip took place on Gower beach at Rhossili to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care and the National Trust. At 8:30am Sunday morning...
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