1. mamish

    Recommended vet in Dalyan

    We've heard that there is a very good vet in Dalyan who has done some training in Germany and also services Ekincik. Can anyone offer information? Many thanks.
  2. Neil_Denizli

    recommended builder please

    Builder ... joat ... bodrum area needed asap
  3. bodrumsjh

    Recommended Lawyer - Bodrum

    Hi We have just sold our apartment in Bodrum Centre with somewhat mixed feelings. Slightly sad to sell but looking forward to returning for future holidays. If anyone is looking for a reliable, trustworthy, friendly and English speaking lawyer, I can highly recommend Mehmet Sinop of Sinop Law...
  4. H

    Recommended banks

    I hope to move to Dalyan by the end of the year and wondered which is the best bank to open an account with Also I understand I need a tax number to open one so is there a tax office in Dalyan? Thanks
  5. 5

    looking for recommended maintenance team

    hello we are looking for a good very reliable team/company to provide cleaning duties at our 59 apartment complex in altinkum, current situation is not at very good shabby work and staff issues any recommendations there please we are only looking at cleaning communal entrances washing down...
  6. S

    Shippers recommended

    Sorry if it's in the wrong forum but didn't really know where to put this. Just wanted to say that after a lot of hassle we finally found a shipper to move us back to the UK and were really pleased with the outcome, there were a few problems, mainly due to Bayram and shipping rugs as part of...
  7. christella

    Recommended Internet browser for Windows 7?

    There are so many browsers now What do you recommend for win 7
  8. L

    Recommended cleaning company??

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, honest working cleaning company? For duplex apartment big pre-season clean of floor tiles, wardrobe, laundry.etc. Thanks so much for your assistance guys, really appreciated. Lucian
  9. Neil_Denizli

    Recommended architects and building company in Gumulsluk?

    We recently bought 2000 m2 land in one of the Bodrum villages and are planning to build a home there. Does anyone have any recommendations based on personal experience for: - architect: our plan needs to be tweaked a bit and turned into something that is acceptable to Mugla Ilce Ozel Mudurlugu...
  10. T


    what about a forum where people recommend things such as restaurants, dentists, builders etc etc?
  11. M

    Masallah Sayali in Kas huge problems, need new builder to fix problems

    I have had a big problem with a builder called Masallah Sayali in Kas. I now need to find a reliable builder to do repairs for me! any advice please:19:
  12. D

    recommended key holding services???

    We now need a new provider of this service. Can anyome recommend a company they use please?
  13. C

    recommended estate agent marmaris

    Hello I need the recommendation of good estate agent in marmaris someone who has used and not had problems. if you send me any details this would be more helpful. Only good recommendations thanks
  14. Neil_Denizli

    Recommended builders, painetrs, electricians ...?

    Getting ready to move into new house in Gumusluk ... does anyone out there have any recommendations for: painters - want to give the whole house a fresh coat builders / carpenters - need to knock a door through, close of a terrace, build a porch, maybe some insulation plumber - want to get...
  15. Chris&Cem

    Recommended Gumus Bahce

    I have just returned from my villa in Gumusluk and would like to highly recommend Gumus Bahce for a visit. It was my first visit there and I would certainly go back. It was refreshingly different. Set in nice gardens and a tranquil setting. Friendly service and reasonable prices. They serve...
  16. M

    recommended TV

    Whats the best tv to buy
  17. D

    Any recommended restaurants near the Temple?

    Hi all, I'm coming back out next week and a friend will be staying with me for a few nights. I thought I might take her to the Temple one evening when it's a little cooler to look around it and then have a meal up that way afterwards. Has anyone any recommendations for a good restaurant in that...
  18. Neil_Denizli

    Any Recommended House Painters?

    Can anyone recommend a painter in Turgutreis area? Want to repaint a couple of rooms ... thanks in advance ... Neil
  19. Fuzzy

    Recommended cars please !

    Could anybody recommend a car thats easily servicable in the Bodrum area that is A) up to 1300cc but jeep-ish?.... Do they exist ? and B) 1300 to 1600cc and also jeepish, or 4x2 or whatever,( don't want to go over 1600 ) something that we'd be able to carry a decent amount of stuff in...
  20. D

    recommended bars/restaurants for a 2 and a half year old?

    in summer our grandaughter will be over - she's 2 and a half this year so she won't sit still throughout a family meal in the evenings...can anyone recommend places that have good facilities to occupy littles ones? last year we used to use the place next to the funfair as they had ducks for her...
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